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Is Home-Schooling a Better Option than Traditional Schools?

School prepares an individual for the so-called real world, to actually discover themselves and develop self-esteem to face challenging situations with much awareness and wisdom. It is the place where all round development of children must take place with sound efforts from facilitators and teachers. The journey of imparting education is long and has undergone drastic transformation from teacher centred teaching approach to student centred teaching process.

 Traditional Schooling: Traditional schooling is referred to as teacher centred schooling, where emphasis is given to complete the syllabus. It is curriculum based education system. There are several advantages of traditional schooling.

Advantages of Traditional Schooling

  1. Students gain knowledge in school premises; they learn social behaviour.

  2. Students learn to adapt in social situations in peer group. They learn to work with collaboration and get perfect environment to develop social skills.

  3. Extracurricular activities develop the overall personality of the students.

  4. They not only learn subject matter but also gain moral values and etiquettes.

  5. School environment delivers perfect situations to combat real life problems and ways to solve them.

  6. Basics and essential skills like punctuality, respect, discipline, cooperation, interaction, communication and socialization are learnt in traditional schooling.

Disadvantages of Traditional Schooling

  If we talk about co curricular activities then these are a bit affected due to:

  1. Overpowered syllabus– Students as well as teachers are pressurized to complete bulky syllabus in given session.

  2. Emphasis on grading – In traditional schooling approach the emphasis is given to grading and marks, does not matter how they are achieved. If students do not understand the matter then they cram it, whereas for perfect learning core understanding is essential.

  3. Poor concept formation – Every child is different and having different understanding level as well as cognitive ability. Same curriculum and same teaching methods cannot serve the individual differences of the children. They need special and individualised attention which is not possible in traditional schooling.

  4. Passive learning –  Due to increased number of students taught together, at the same pace, it is not possible to pay attention to every student and customise the lecture according to individual student respectively. It leads to passive learning. Focus cannot be given to the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

  5. Lack of interaction – In a class room it is not possible to interact with each student, due to time constraint and limited communication, knowledge cannot be imparted in fair way. Doubt clearing process cannot be done in traditional schooling.

Home Schooling:  Home schooling is also known as virtual schooling. This is one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of home. Learner can receive primary, secondary and any level of education at their favourable place, pace and time. It is student centred learning approach. Technology has delivered great alternative to home schooling that is online tutoring. There are numerous online tutoring sites which impart home tutoring to students. Vnaya is one of the best online home tutoring web sites that delivers personalized tutoring services from best of faculty. There are countless advantages of home schooling over traditional schooling.

Advantages of Home Schooling

  1. One-on-one tutoring: The major advantage of home schooling is one-on-one dedicated tutoring. So learner can get personalized attention from the tutor.

  2. Concept formation: Through home schooling approach student can learn better and build right concepts from the tutoring process. Here the main emphasis is given to the understanding of the subject matter and not to the cramming.

  3. Individualized teaching: Home schooling imparts personalized tutoring; online tutoring is the best version of home schooling that avails best tutor for every subject. It is the most efficient way to learn the things and understand the concepts.

  4. Best for the children with special needs: One-on-one tutoring enhances the learning process; here teacher can concentrate on the needs and capabilities of single learner. Specially abled children cannot comprehend in a general typical setting of a class room, for them home schooling may prove to be the most suitable medium to help bridge the gap and maintain a pace with other children of their age.

  5. Learner centric approach: Home schooling is totally based on learner centred approach. A learner can set their favourable time and place for tutoring and the subject or topic they need most help in. Moreover, online tutoring offers them the liberty to choose from a pool of talent of tutors as they would desire.

  6. Customization for learners: In academics, individual requirements can never be ignored. Home schooling is the only platform where every learner whether he is creative, strong willed, slow paced, gifted, active or special can learn in the most efficient format.

  7. Remedial tutoring: Here a tutor can have enough time, space and opportunity to understand the learner’s behaviour, interests, priorities, strengths and weaknesses. By considering these aspects he can alter and redo his teaching methodology and approach as per the pupil. It will help the tutor to combat learner’s problems and he can efficiently manage to evolve efficient ways to impart remedial tutoring for obtaining best results. 

  8. Cost effective: Home schooling is less expensive than traditional schooling, where parents have to put heavy bucks in school’s treasures. Virtual schooling through online tutoring delivers best results in academics that too in an absolute cost-effective way.

Disadvantages of Home Schooling

  1. Social adaptation: Students opting for home schooling have lesser opportunities to interact with other children, so no doubt they can excel in academics but can lack in social skills, though in todays’ age children have the advantage of getting enrolled in number of activities outside school.

  2. Lack of competition: Home schooling does not facilitate a competitive environment alike what a student might get in a formal school setting. Competition motivates and triggers the learner to get better from the other and may be considered a necessary life skill for later part of one’s life.

  3. Time adjustment: In a school a learner knows that specific time has to be given to academics but in-home schooling where everything is in favour of students, it depends upon his interest and zeal as to how much time he wants to contribute to study. Exercising self-discipline is difficult but a must in this kind of a set up.

  4. Parents’ involvement: In todays’ hectic routines, home schooling does become a challenge for parents as here the involvement of the parent is a must and does nt have a substitute, apart from may be a great facilitator which one may not be able to find in the place of their dwelling. Though, online tutoring might come handy in such a scenario where there are no boundaries established for accessing the talent and subject knowledge from over the globe. Such are the busy lives of parents that they have the money to spend and get their off springs enrolled in schools where learning can be set on an automated fashion.

Although if one may consider the social aspect, home schooling lacks in empowering and pushing forth the social interactions in the young learner but there are several more aspects of home schooling that deliver excellent results which one can get through home schooling alone. The kind of attention and individual focus one gets is only possible in dedicated one on one tutoring and not in a typical classroom setting. It is best suited for every kind of learner; evolution of technology has rather modified home tutoring in the best of its form through access to online tutoring sites anywhere anytime. Though online tutoring options are not only available to home tutoring students alone, even school students can make avid use of this unique option which fits perfectly in today s ever busier times.  Vnaya is among one of the top leading online tutoring sites that aims to deliver top of the notch skilled tutors to avail from, for ensuring your academic excellence whether in a traditional school setting or to be used in personalised home tutoring method. After all one utilizer of the service is paramount, so one can always chose what suits one the best from the number of academic learning options available at one’s disposal.