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Improve your child’s math skills using games

The statement this article contains seems to be ironic, you must be wondering how can games improve my child’s mathematical skills? Well, this article sheds some light on exactly this predicament. While many parents do not want their children to invest their time into playing games with their friends (online or otherwise) studies have shown significant improvement in the performance of students after they played video games for some amount of time as compared to those who did not play games at all. Nolan Bushnell (an American engineer and entrepreneur) says, “Video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow.” Although one may argue that gaming is addictive, that does not mean it cannot be productive. Various scientific studies have proven that playing video games helps children to think logically and make better decisions.

How does gaming positively impact your child’s brain?

Either gaming or studies, there is a certain form of evaluation that takes place in both. Academically speaking, the evaluation often determines the IQ level of an individual which instantly stresses one’s mind. While, under gaming, an individual’s performance is judged on his/her level of interest in the game, enjoyment, the thirst for learning new levels, and overall performance of the task. There are various games in the market; most of them are known to activate the frontal lobe of an individual which is primarily responsible for executive functions like attention span, analysis, decision making, judgment, memory, etc. There are many scientific studies conducted by scientists that have shown amazing results in the improvement of children’s working memory and attention span if the child plays video games.

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Solving mathematical equations is a performance-oriented activity. It involves practicing and analyzing concepts over and over so that one understands them completely and does not forget them during examinations. As is clear from the above statements, solving mathematical equations requires a certain set of skills. Here is where playing games come in handy. Games help in developing a knack for organizing and problem solving around which the whole concept of mathematics revolves. Maths needs your child to understand data analysis, word problems, manipulation of symbols, and most importantly a laser-focused attention span. A good attention span can be developed while playing games as it requires your undivided attention otherwise you lose the game. When kids are actively immersed and engaged in playing games, their brains are engaged all the time which improves your child’s attention span. This skill is easily developed by enjoying and playing games as compared to various dull activities that your child may have to do to develop the same. Games provide an active-user interface that is often seen to excite and constructively engage children. Also, it is a proven fact that skill once developed through any means will be seen exhibited in all other spheres of life. So, gaming will not only benefit your child in mathematics but also in other areas of life that require analytical and logical thinking as well.

Why do math games work for kids?

Now, let’s get one thing clear, not all games are suitable for the cognitive development of a child’s mind. There are many types of games all over the internet, so the ones you should be interested in are those which are connected with math in some form or another. Ask your child to download and play games that make mathematical learning fun and interactive. A typical math game involves set rules to be followed, goals to be achieved, and cut-throat competition. All of these challenges when surmounted led to the development of an eye-worthy skillset that will help them later in life. Kids are pushed to choose strategies for their game to win which leads to problem-solving and decision-making at a young age. Also, we have to keep in mind that you don’t have to push your child to win all the time; sometimes he/she may win and sometimes not. What matters, in the end, is that he/she has fun and their confidence is boosted.

Now, as a parent, you must be wondering as to what type of games can my child play to improve his mathematical skills? Popular games like monopoly and Uno are the best choices if your child is a beginner to math games. These games are fairly easy to learn and your child will have the best time while playing. As your child progresses on these you can move to other games like Clue, Guess Who? Battleship and other online games as well.

Hence, it is safe to say that playing games can prove to be beneficial for your child in the long run. Please ensure that your child does not play them excessively. All games must be played under a parent’s or an adult’s supervision.