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Important Tips for Students – ACT Test Preparation

A good ACT score matters the most as it can help you get through the top college choices that you have on your list, as well as it helps you qualify for college scholarships. Perhaps you have been planning for your future for years, perhaps you are ready to start exploring the opportunities, whatever you decide for your career, a good ACT score will help you get there. Your ACT scores add an important dimension to your college admission profile. This rather guarantees your potential and intelligence.

To get going let’s begin with understanding of how to swiftly attempt the test:

Get yourself adjusted with the instructions and format of the test. The ACT testing areas are: English, Math, Reading, and Science (Writing section is optional). As you get ready and prepare, take a quick diagnostic test which will instantly reveal the amount of preparation that is needed to be done to achieve your target score. If your results are well within the scores required for the target schools, you can go ahead and sit for the exam with minimal preparation. However, if you are far behind the target scores, you need some strategic hard work and/or directed and focused help.

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To increase the score per unit, create a study plan that reflects your focus on improving your areas of weakness. You will probably discover that you outshine in some areas and are clueless in others, hence, you will need to work on a customized study plan as per your unique requirement.

Means to Prepare for ACT

The moment you become closely familiar with the format of the test and the style of questions, it will help you bust some stress and provide you with insights into your strengths and weaknesses related to cracking the exam. Many students overlook getting test prep assistance at school itself. Your teachers can guide and help you even though they may not be ACT experts. They can give you peculiar insights into how to think about particular questions in the test. Suppose, for example, you have some problems with the usage of a semicolon, you can go to your English teacher and ask for her guidance.

Similarly, if you do not remember the “system of equations’, you can take this up with your Algebra teacher. One can start preparing for the ACT in this way too.
One cannot deny the fact that we are surrounded by wealth of knowledge around us. One just has to discover the possibilities and make the best utilization of the available opportunities. Other available resources for ACT prep are also there.

You may begin your preparation for the ACT by following a smart practice strategy (Practice questions and practice tests). Through practice questions, you can target to hone the skills which might be a pre requisite. You should practice the specific question types, topics, and/or entire sections to become more and more familiar with the pre determined pattern of the exam. As you practice, pay attention to the errors you make and learn why and where you went wrong so that you do not repeat the same error again.

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The second strategy to practice for the ACT is to take at least couple of complete test practice sessions. It would be good if you can take complete test practice run,  an official practice test and test yourself under the same conditions that you will be actually be in, on the D-day of the test itself.

Self Study

Self studies are primarily done on your own, using prep books, online resources, mobile apps, among other examples. This strategy enables you to tailormake your studying program to as per your own unique needs, as you know the best what what and when you need to study, concentrate more upon etc. To make this strategy work, you need to have a fair idea of exactly what you need to work upon to gain success to attempt the exam. One also needs to be motivated enough to make through the competition by believing in oneself completely and making the right efforts in the right direction. One has to design and implement with determination to stick to the desired study plan independently. It is equally hard to self diagnose your weaknesses and make outright use of your strengths, therefore an expert’s help can also be utilised.

Seeking online test program and resources:

High-quality online prep program designed by experts can be a great asset to your test prep. It will accurately diagnose your strengths and weaknesses and assign lessons and practice problems based on those strengths and weaknesses. A good prep program will even teach you the best ACT strategies. However, you need to remember that not all online prep programs are equally good. It is better to enroll in a Test Prep Program 4-6 Months before your desired test date. Online test program is the best option amid this COVID-19 situation as well when one can’t move about and around so freely. The amount of time needed for preparation for the real test will vary from student to student. Start taking practice tests in the summer after your sophomore year in high school and customize your study plan as per the help needed.

The ACT exam is a common milestone in the final years of all high school students. This structured test helps to appraise students’ college readiness with sections in English, mathematics, reading, science, and writing. When you prepare for the ACT questions, target the possibility of earning a high score which will help you impress the admissions committees and they might even keep you out of the basic introductory courses in your freshman year of college.

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