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Importance of Learning Literary Terms for Writing Successful Persuasive Essays

What do you think would make a piece of writing captivating? It is none other than the literary devices that a writer suitably applies to make his/her writing appear effective and hook the audience. The purpose of writing is to inform, persuade or explain the author’s point of view upon certain topics. Literary terms or devices such as similes, metaphor, alliterations, onomatopoeia….   are some techniques that enable the writer to comment on social, political and other issues that are in trend. Learning of literary terms and their uses enables you to artistically convey your opinion, captivate your audience and effectively delight and inspire them.

It is believed that the art of writing or speaking is an inherent talent which reminds us of the great orators like Cicero and Quintilion of the Roman period. Their claim to greatness lay on their lucid style, clear expression and convincing arguments. A true writer can improve the quality of his composition, written or spoken by learning literary terms and applying them in appropriate situations.  Such learning will be illuminating for them and help them to enrich their language. So, as a beginner one must learn the rules of applying literary devices and studying them. It is widely accepted that nothing is beautiful if it is not ornamented and it has to be consciously applied to language to make it alluring and effective. A good writer uses language simple or ornamental according to the situation and the subject demand. 

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In a persuasive essay the use of literary devices are benefitting as it qualify the writer to include logic and valid reasoning so as to produce an intellectual and emotional effect on his audience to make them veer round the writer’s claim. Through the use of these devices the author can explain something obscure, make truth plainer, bring comfort and solace in the midst of distress or grief and explain an unpleasant truth in a pleasant and agreeable manner. Literary terms or devices is just a deviation from the ordinary form of expression or standard usage in order to lend beauty, variety, vividness and force to the writer’s point of view and to produce a greater upshot.

Persuasive form of writing gives the authority to the writer to alter the perspective of the readers and compel them to act and think in a certain way. As the major purpose of persuasive writing is to convince, the author has to use various tools of persuasion and literary device to persuade and make his audience contemplate and perform.

However, the terms in written or spoken form not only strengthens your claims but also empowers you to win over your audience and achieve your goals. Upon understanding their importance these powerful tools should be studied and reread, practiced and exercised so that one can skillfully apply them. Regardless of all the significances of learning literary terms, we feel the necessity of its use in our day to day life so as to actively participate in social and political issues. 

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