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Importance of Exercise

There are various factors responsible for the growth of children ranging from proper food intake to physical exercise. We can’t over rule one over the other, as all the aspects are equally important. At times there is less emphasis laid on physical exercise as compared to on diet. Parents many a times, tend to overlook the importance of physical exercise, and there are various reasons for it. Some of these reasons can be lack of time, lack of resources, lack of guidance and many more.

Physical exercise is as important as eating healthy foods and reading good books. If a child is physically fit and participates in any kind of a physical activity, it helps in building the muscles from a tender age. Apart from this, exercise helps in improving the immunity and proper digestion of food. All these factors contribute to a physically and mentally fit body. If a child is physically active, she is more likely to be her productive best and actively involved around the house. It is also a scientifically proven fact that proper exposure to natural sunlight and air helps building our organs as our body releases microbes which fights off infections causes by fungi, yeast and bacteria. If your body is used to physical exercises, it will help you build your character too, as you will learn a lot of traits on the field like time management, self-discipline, team spirit etc.

If parents encourage their child to take part in various sports from an early age, it is highly like that they will develop into a person with a balanced mind and body. Such inspiration sometimes proves to be the mechanism behind helping children to pick up a sport as a career early in life. Most of the parents around the world consider the fact that it is only education that can help a child have a secured future. However, this perception has been shattered many a times, as we have witnessed athletes from around the world reaching heights of fame and popularity, because of a game or a sport, which they have pursued professionally. This is a result of hard work, dedication and a consciously healthy life style, which in turn is immensely beneficial for one’s own health and averts many unprecedented health conditions.

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If a child participates in any physical sport or exercise, it will help him/her to have a strong metabolism and it is highly probable that their diet will be protein and mineral rich to sustain the activity. This is the primary reason or the first step towards a healthy adult life. The foundation of a healthy life is laid during the early formulative years of ones’ life, and it is very important that a child is guided in that direction with sound and reliable advice.

Now-a-days there are various activities initiated by clubs, schools and other societies with the aim of promoting awareness among parents regarding the importance of physical activities and exercises from an early age. Parents should also consider enrolling their child in such activities and treat it equally important as their academic learning. In some colleges and universities, it is a compulsion for all the students to enroll in some or the other type of sport. Hence, it is of utmost importance that children should be encouraged to take part in physical sports for a better life.