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How to improve English writing from the comforts of your home?

Writing is a process; the more you work on your writing the better it, the better you will be!

Many people all over the world communicate in English in one form or another. However, everyone not has the ability to communicate effectively through writing.

Well, this is a very important skill to have, especially  in this age of the internet communication and social media, where texting, tweeting, blogging rules.

Improve English writing

Even if English is your native language, it doesn’t mean you can write well, you also need to study many requisites in writing English.

5 Tips that can help you:

Learning how to improve your English writing skills is simple when you follow these steps :

1. Write in English to Immerse Yourself in the Language:

Those who communicate through writing will develop better writing skill, the main reason for this is that every time they do it, their mind is always turned into writing in proper English.

They pay more attention to spellings, punctuation and sentence structure. practice makes perfect: the more you write in the English language, the better you will be.

2. Read Newspapers and books regularly:

People who are avid readers, develop their writing skills, and they can easily comprehend. When you read newspapers daily, you will notice that how the reporter develops news daily or how the editor has edited it cleverly.

Improve English writingYou can also discover new words from it, which you can apply in your writing skills. When you come across any word, don’t hesitate to look up to it in the dictionary. 

If you practice this method of reading and mastering the words regularly, you will improve your English writing skills.

3. Study carefully how the parts of speech work:

If you are an English language lover you will certainly know that there are eight basic parts of speech.


These are very important for English writing. When you read a sentence of an article, notice how these parts of speech work together to form a complete thought.

Improve English writing

Notice also how the subjects are able to work and match with the placement of adjectives or adverbs

4. Expand your vocabulary & sentence construction:

To express yourself clearly, you need a good active vocabulary. That’s not just being able to recognize lots of words – it means actually being able to use them correctly. Do this by learning new words with example sentences, not just word lists.

When you learn a new word, try to learn all the forms of that word and the prepositions that are usually used with it.

For example:  Rather than just the word ‘depend on’, make a note of to depend on, to be dependent on, a dependent

5.Think Outside the Box:

Don’t write about the same thing every day or you will get bored. In terms to improve English writing. Try writing the same story from different perspectives or different tenses.

Improve English writing

If you are writing a story about a baby that won’t stop crying; first, it could be the mother telling the story; then from the perspective of the baby. Don’t write about topics in an obvious way.

Be creative!

Enroll in online English coaching class  to Improve  English  writing skills, whether you are in elementary or high school. Hire an English tutor and help yourself !!!

It is better to start young because the earlier you start, the better you will become!