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How to Improve Concentration During Exam Days

Hey guys,

Exam days are on and you have loads of material to study or revise.  I know lots of students faces issues in exam days in terms of concentration. The points I am sharing with you are going to help you to some level so that you will be able to help yourself.

 Improve Concentration During Exam Days


Here it goes…

1. Concentrate on one thing at one time

While you study, do not let your mind wander to other places, do not look away from book or screen. So what happens is people do not have a problem with the concentration but at the same point, when they’re concentrating or whether they’re focussing on something, there mind wanders. They try to look away what is happening outside the window , what people are doing and so in that way the concentration gets affected.

The focus goes to other things and places. People don’t have problems with concentration, it’s just that they’re concentrating on more than one thing at a time.

2. Practice

The brain is a muscle, more you exert it, better it becomes. Play games like sudoku, chess etc. It’s a very trivial technique and very much recommended. You must try it out.

 Improve Concentration During Exam Days


3. Take breaks

Take 10 minutes break after every hour of studies. Try to relax in that time or try to engage yourself in activities that can rejuvenate you.

4. Meditate

Again it’s for young ones it sounds boring but trust me it’s the best feeling in the world when u sit all alone in peace thinking about nothing. It helps in improving concentration and when you’re preparing for exams you must give yourself time for meditation. 10 or 15 minutes can be a good enough time for meditating.

5. Planning

Plan, if there is a flexibility, make achievable targets and stick to them, so that there has to be flexibility in your planning. Suppose you’re making week wise plans and one or two days have gone in some random or unknown  factors like certain friends are at home or probably ever go for a party, which you must not have known before. You need to have some flexibility so that you don’t feel sad later on.

6. Final tip for exam day

The clock is ticking .You are supposed to focus all your energies on solving the mathematical or physics problem at hand. A petty mistake in the calculation is going to ruin all your efforts but your mind keeps on wandering and you panic. What do you do?Try and stay calm. How do you do it? Put your pen down ,sit back for a minute,close your eyes and  BREATHE !!

 Improve Concentration During Exam Days

In fact, it could be a good idea to practice this before you begin writing your exam. Breathing will calm you down. As you take deep breaths, you will find yourself regaining focus and coming back to present. Deep breaths will give you time to assess your situation and regain your sense of control.

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