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How to choose the perfect online tutoring service for your kid? A simple 5 step process


For every child who needs basic skills, knowledge, someone to believe in him….

…There is a tutor who will do whatever it takes to encourage, motivate and instill  a love for learning.

We are getting advanced every day. Technology has completely changed our lifestyles.  The Internet has made it so easier that you don’t need to buy books and you don’t need to go to a library. However, to make study easier and comfortable many institutions provide online tutoring these days.


The Online tutoring industry is increasing rapidly because students are not able to cope up with the vast curriculum. The online tutoring services provide a lot of benefit to the tutors and students.

A 5 step simple process that will guide you-

The online tutor conducts the classes keeping in mind the pace at which a student can grasp a particular topic.They use the computer, the internet, and web-based application to make real-time communication possible.

Of Course!! you would want to choose the best service for your child, below are the steps that can make your choice easier. 

Step 1: Background of the institution

“Never judge a book by its cover”

In order to appear more attractive to the customers, many companies might hide or embellish certain aspects of themselves. Background checks are important because it helps us in being sure of our choice. Make sure that the institution that you select is registered from the government.

Online Tutoring

Also, check the legitimacy of the company, you need to be aware of the fraudsters as you need to make sure of the one which is reliable.

Step 2: Goodwill of the brand

“Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy”

We need to check how long they are in the market. Look for the online reviews of the brand, reputation of the brand matters a lot; like for how long they have been serving in this industry. You can even check their reviews  and ratings given by other customers.

Step 3: Resources being Provided

Do we need to check what kind of resources do  they provide  to their students?

Are they preferring hands-on learning for the child’s understanding? Do they offer individualized instruction? Are there educational plans tailored to the child’s age, level and learning style?

Online Tutoring

 Also, do they provide any resources to help in learning like  e-books, proper live interactive sessions,whiteboard, one on one video sessions, skype or  online help chat in case  the child needs to speak to some tutor or counselor?

Step 4: What makes the company different from other tutoring companies?

Of course !! you want to choose the best out of the rest !!!

You know how it works, there are ‘n’ number of companies out there, but which one is the best one?

You need to see the difference between them. Going through the websites and references of that company will help you a lot.

What all they have? What kind of curriculum they are providing, what is their method of teaching?

Step 5: Payment /Registration policy

There are 90% chances that parents are providing online tutoring to their kids because of its affordability. It doesn’t hurt to search and review few different institution in your budget with a good reputation.

Also, you need to check the cost of the online tutoring sessions, some services provide hourly basis sessions which cost around 45 $ approximately, monthly packages, quarterly, half yearly, annually, 6 months and 1 year are also available. Prices depend on the package you choose.

online tutoring


In case you don’t find the online tutoring concept going well  for your child,  there be no extra charges down the line.   

However, for more information, you can log onto and get better insight into the online tutoring programs.

Hope these steps will make your decision easier!!

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