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How the Math Defines the Value of Different Sciences?

maths vnaya

Mathematics is one of the most ancient subjects that have helped to raise the level of the world. The ancient people first started to use the numbers for managing the creeds of cows, goats and many other things. In the beginning, there were no definite numerals for the calculation or the managing of the things yet through using the finger counts the people at that time managed to work with the counts. Slowly but effectively the people started to craft the basics of math when they just formed the numbers. Long time back the addition, subtraction and the multiplication concepts were found and the use of these concepts was reinforced. Now in this advanced world where there are innumerable mathematics concepts is there that is used for so many purposes. Math subject is not only a standalone subject that has its own different values but the concepts and the values for this subject to form the shape of many other subjects including the sciences. Scroll down a little to know how the math is being used indirectly in various subjects for the formation of ultimate principles and theories.

vnaya physics

Physics might not be formed if there were no math-

From very basic to the advanced working of the physics concepts and equations, there is always a need for Mathematics concepts. Think of the most basic equation from physics that is the force equates to the product of mass and acceleration i.e. F=MA. Is this formula using the Mathematics basics? You will tell if this is using the math or not. Now talking one of the advanced physics equation- Boltzmann Equation which describes the working of how the fluids or the gases move the energy around, it is S= klogW. Would this have been possible to generate this equation without knowing math at all?

vnaya chemistry

Chemistry would have no shape without math-

What does this mean if anyone discovered the iron, will this be of any use to the modern world? Nothing useful could be formed through it if there were no math. For example, if you wished to make the plane body out of metal and you just have no reference of math for the shape and the dimensions of the body, this would end up creating the random body which would thereafter cause in future. No matter if you have the fuel found for the rocket, this will still require tons of calculations for you to make it sure that the fuel will produce the optimum propelling power. You have to calculate the mass for different reactants in chemistry and then create the equation for the heat, time and the energy that is processed in order to give out the certain amount of product. How could this have been possible without math!


Now tell us if there were no Physics and no Chemistry then how would many other dependent subjects be regulated-

All of the subjects you study are related to each other in some or many ways. Math is one among those subjects and this is relevant to say that this subject relates to mostly all of the major subjects you study. Those major subjects that use math include computer, physics, chemistry, biology etc.

We are fortunate that we have the mathematics subject, this only subject has done wonderful help in finding the most complex concepts about the world. It has also helped to make this world much more powerful, well-structured and also has given it the accurate direction for the growth. Hope that you would have now got to know about the actual value of the math, just try to grip it if you have got the chance.