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How Can I Improve My Trigonometry?

Trigonometry is a field in the subject of Mathematics that deals with and studies the relationships between side lengths and angles of triangles. The word Trigonometry gets derived from two Greek words- trigonon and metron. Here, trigonon means triangle, and metron stands for the measure.


The branch of Mathematics emerged in the Hellenistic world during the third century BC. It was developed for its applications in astronomical studies. Since then, numerous developments have been witnessed in the field, and even today, students learn it as a crucial part of the subject of Mathematics. But, why? Why does one need to study it? Does it get used in the real world?

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To get answers to these questions, let us take a look at the importance of Trigonometry.


Why is Trigonometry considered important?

The branch is considered to be so crucial because it gets used in our everyday lives. Even if most of us are unaware of it, we all use it, and the objects around us also utilize it. For instance, the houses we live in cannot be built without trigonometry. The cars that we use every day to travel cannot get created without trigonometry. Even the smallest gadget we use utilizes trigonometric knowledge in its research development and manufacturing process.


The fields of navigation, engineering, aviation, criminology, marine biology, and surveying also depend on trigonometry. When we speak of the astronomical world, trigonometry and its functions play a vital role in the particular field. It helps to compute the launch trajectories, orbital trajectories, and re-entry trajectories. It also plays a significant role in developing the knowledge of waves. 


Hence, the branch helps us to understand the wonders of nature. It is crucial because it gets involved everywhere when there is an angle involved. Whether arts or science and technology, trigonometry is connected to all.


Some ways to improve your trigonometry

The diverse branch contains several formulas and functions, which can be troublesome for some students. But, as every branch of Mathematics requires regular practice, so does trigonometry. We have curated a list of ways to improve trigonometry and excel in the subject.


  1. Keep motivating yourself

To learn anything, you first need to know its significance. Knowing the importance of trigonometry in your life will make you keen to know about it and study it in detail. It will keep you motivated to put all your efforts into learning the subject. If not for your career, you can also imagine what wonders it can do for your academic grades.


  1. Always start with basics

Solving the questions directly might make you deal with a few questions of a similar pattern. But, if you want to get a hold of the subject, it is best to clear the basics first. By basics, we mean one must practice all the geometrical concepts related to trigonometry. For example, before starting with trigonometry, knowledge of all the angles is a must.


  1. Learn the technique for making notes

Making notes is not as easy as it sounds. It requires some special skills and points to remember. For a branch as diverse as trigonometry, below given steps will help you master the notes making skills-


  • Prepare your trigonometry Wikipedia. Yes, it is true. Carefully taking the notes from your class is the first step towards success in trigonometry. For this, it is best to keep the same notebook. As all the concepts are related in trigonometry, keeping everything in the same notebook helps to solve the problems and revise all the concepts.


  • Whatever seems significant while taking the notes, highlight it. You can also highlight the concepts or problems which were difficult for you to understand.


  1. Never neglect your doubts

No matter how small your doubt or query is, never let it remain unanswered. Piling up your doubts will land you at nothing but create problems for you to solve further questions. Not getting your doubts cleared from the previous topics and moving on to the next will not let you understand the concepts.


  1. Keep practicing

Practice is the key to success for any Mathematics branch. For a significant field like trigonometry, regular practice is a must. It will help you revise all your concepts and also keep you motivated. Practicing the previous concepts and problems will also assist you to understand the new ones.


Wrapping Up


Initially, you might face numerous problems in understanding the various functions and applications of trigonometry. But, quitting will solve nothing for you. Hence keep trying until you succeed. All the above-mentioned ways will help you improve your trigonometry, and you will gradually realize how easily you are solving the problems.


A significant point to remember while learning trigonometry is that no magic wand can help you improve it. Hence, it all depends on your patience and practice. You can also study with your classmates. It will give you the confidence to solve the questions, and teaching them the concepts will help you clear your doubts. So, do not get disappointed yet. Start following all the mentioned steps and see what wonder they will do to improve your trigonometry.