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High School Math like a Pro

It is important to arm the kids with different mathematics strategies so that they can solve complex problems easily and effectively. It will help kids in thinking non-linearly, making them strong and wise with the numbers.

Most of the kids wonder if there is a magic potion that they can use to get the answer right on the first try. But nothing like a magic potion exists. It is all about effort and practicing the strategies to be a math champion in high school.

Mathematics is a subject with strategies. These strategies will help the kids to understand and solve the problems quickly as well as easily.

Kids can become math champions only when they can use the strategies effectively. Here are few tips that can make the kids hack the high school math.


  • Multiply By 11:

    This trick is quite easy, and you do not need to search for a phone or calculator for multiplication ever again. Just simply multiply a two-digit number by eleven, then add that two-digit number. Place the sum of the two-digit number in between the two digits. For example: 22*11 = 242

    but how? Here is the trick: 2+2 = 4
    place the sum in between the two numbers, 22*11 = 242


  • Multiples Of 9:

    Is it not confusing when it comes to multiplication? Every kid has confusion and difficulty while learning tables. But with this trick, one can easily remember the multiples of 9. There are nine nines in the first ten multiples of nine. It should also be noted that since the number nine is made up of zero tens and nine ones, the number nine is represented by 0. Eighteen has one place in the tens. According to the list of nine-digit multiples, the tens are 0 through 9.

    In simple language, After the one that is held down, count all the fingers – 6. Your answer’s final digit is this. Simply hold down the correct finger and count the fingers on either side to find the answer to another 9 table question. So, for 5 9, you hold down your 5th finger, 7th finger, and so on.


  • Finding squares of two-digit numbers:

    In this trick, you need to find the square of the first number and second number individually, then write them with a little gap in between the two digits. Then multiply both the numbers with 2. For eg: the square of 4 is 16 and 3 is 9. After multiplying (4*3*2), we get 24. Then place 24 in between 16 and 9. Then add 16 with 2, leaving the 4 behind from 24. The final answer we get is 1849.


  • Greater Than And The Smaller Than Indication:

    Remember learning these signs as the two jars of chocolates. The hand of the heaps will open to the jar with more chocolates.

10>9, 10 is greater than 9

7>1, 7 is greater than 1

5>2, 5 is greater than 2

This hack is one of the easiest ones as you can now easily decide on the greater than and lesser than symbol and their use in the appropriate position.


  • Cheat Sheet With All The Formulas:

    Nothing can beat creating a table where you have written every single detail to see every day and memorize it.

From childhood, kids always created a cheat sheet before the exams to learn all the formulas. But formulas can only be learnt when they know how and when to use them in the equation. By creating a cheat sheet, the kids can always keep the formulas on their fingers tip and choose the right one for the equation even when they do not remember the formulas clearly.


  • Practice With Hard Work:

    As already mentioned, learning the formulas is not enough, kids need to practice them every day to understand their usage. Nothing will beat their practice and hard work to sharpen their mathematics skills. Divide an adequate amount of time to practice the math equations every day in order to be a math champion. There are several question banks that the kids can solve for boosting up their memory and grind for their math learning journey.


  • Be Consistent Towards Your Learning:

    After practice and hard work, consistency is the key to success. To develop, it is important for the kids to be consistent with their studies and homework. If they wish to succeed in their math learning journey, they need to be consistent and always complete their homework. It will help them to understand their weak and strong points. Hence, they can give time and put effort into their weak areas and brush up their strong points for the future.


Never ever forget a good rest, right diet and breaks in between learning. With the right routine and habits, learning a subject like math will become easier. Never hesitate to ask for help as only an educator can help you overcome your problems and guide you through the right pathway.