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Have Difficulty with Math Homework? Well, get a quick Guide to solve this problem:

I’ll not start with some heavy thought related to homework, but yeah you need to understand the whole idea behind this!! So let’s talk about this issue, faced by most of the parents these days.

Homework is necessary because it serves as a mediator between school and home for the child, it connects both in a way.

People usually argue that Math homework is more like workload for the child as they already spend 5-6 hours every day at school, but to some extent, it’s more like a practice session on a regular basis for the child.

When children bring assignments at home and do it on their own, that makes them creative and self-dependent, it even encourages them to think in a creative manner as they get competitive feeling in them, look for the comfort of the child, like with whom he is comfortable,

Usually, we see secondary emotion, which comes out physically through tears,

Math Homework

Child might say – I am just not happy- I want to work with mom, because of dad yells at me, you can even let the child do the work alone, you never know if he could do better alone sometimes??

Parents usually make their children self-reliance so that they do their homework all by themselves, experts believe that homework is a way of retention for the children, but it’s common for parents to have trouble helping kids with homework, especially when it comes to

For some children, doing their Math homework is the biggest task, this doesn’t mean they are not good enough in academics, rather they find it boring (the homework).

Here are 5 points that can help you develop your child’s Interest in Math Homework-

It has been seen quite often that  math  is the subject that  children find tough to do at home, there are times when they make excuses, they run from the task, it might be the time when you need to be alert. So pull up your socks because they need some help!

1. Make Math a fun activity for the child: 

Let’s talk about fun and games, we know that kids love games, and when you combine studies with fun activities, it will start making sense for them.

Here we will discuss about the techniques that we can use, first of all as we know that kids need to develop interest in whatever task they are given, they need to maintain that interest for long, one more thing I can add is technology, which is one available platform that can make math a creative task for the child.

Math Homework

Math has concepts formulas and calculations they can be done on the computer, it basically includes: bar diagram, graphs, presentations can make mathematics fun for your child, there are many ways we can encourage creativity in math, that include digital screen, you can also use tools that help in additions and subtraction.

2.  Plan according to the Mood: 

“The thing about kids is that they express emotions,they don’t hold back”

Mood swings well! Being a kid means you’ll have several mood swings in a day, so parents!! while starting with the work, you need to check the mood of your child, sometimes they are agitated, sometimes they are not in a mood to study, if they don’t want to study at your time, don’t force them to study  then. give them  their space.

Math Homework

Think of peak concentration time i.e. for some children early morning is peak time for concentration, for some it’s evening. What you need is, just look for your child’s peak concentration time so that he can focus better.

Sufficient sleep is required, if your child doesn’t get sufficient sleep then their reaction time becomes slow and when they get proper sleep then they become more attentive and absorb more. “It’s quality rather than the quantity that matters”

3. Be a Motivator:

One of the most important things you can say to your child is


Motivation is something that gets everyone started, therefore, children need to have determination for their work, guide them about the importance of homework that it will make them organized and it will prepare them for future, homework helps in inculcating regular study habits, encourage them that, you are there.

Practice and participation of your child will make him add more fine skills, the more he is involved the more he will be fine.

Math Homework

Initially, your child might feel difficulty doing the work, but gradually he will develop interest and it will be easy for him. All you need to do is follow your child’s interest, encourage your child to express his creative skills. Tell your child that he should not be afraid of Math Homework ;it’s not a rocket science,

Tell him that he has to give in everything, he got to work on it, if their effort is low then that shows the lack of motivation in them. Tell them that they might believe that they will fail but they won’t fail. Be the source of motivation for your kiddos!

4. Don’t ask your child to rush and do the work:

Think big but start small. Try this with your child, plan a timetable for him, use 20 minutes study time and then 10 minutes break. Again continue with this process for a week, slowly increase the time and this will help your child in the study for an hour at least on the regular basis. Avoid external distractions like iPods, cartoons, television, video games.

Take notes, when you’re trying to help your child solve a problem

5.  Acknowledge or applause his efforts and achievements:

“Affirming words from moms and dads are like light switches. Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child’s life and it’s like lighting up a whole room of possibilities”  Gary Smalley

Point out the progress you see your child is making, try to follow your child’s interest, if the child says I don’t want to do my math homework, just leave them there and don’t force them to do their work, especially don’t give them some kind of time limit.

Math Homework

Set up a reward like the favorite game for an hour, movies, prepare short slips with applause words like a good job. Make the list of the things that your child has to do from easy to hardest.

I hope this will help you in improving!!

Have a great time ahead

                     Good luck!!




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Bachelor in Mathematics, MSc in physics from the university of Calgary, Canada. Scarlett has been teaching mathematics to high school students from last 5 years.