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We frequently hear from parents that their kids don’t want to go to school; they may say they hate school or are too tired to go, but is that the real reason? We know that schools are tiring for children, but there they have a lot to learn

It’s sometimes hard to understand how and why they are not willing to go to school.   Experts say; some parents of rebellious kids, respond to their child’s refusal to attend school by yelling, screaming, or simply giving up on their kids.

Parents should focus on the root cause of the problem and coach your kid out of this behavior. Your key to success should be to meet the problem head on and focus on the solutions that will resolve the issue in the long turn.

Sometimes it is a child’s lack of problem-solving skills that are the root of the cause. Or it may be that your child has learning or attention issues 


As a parent, you need to be conscious of why he wants to miss school so often. Ask your child questions like; when do you have the toughest time at school? Are you having any trouble with your peers? Spend a short time every day with your child to dig deep into the problem and find out why your child is reluctant to go to school.

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Make them realize the relevance of school, children need to know how important  school is for them.

To get an education, they need to go to school every day, they need to build a positive attitude towards learning and education. Tell them that school can be fun, if they involve themselves in extracurricular activities along with the academic work as well.

Talk about their friends, favorite teachers, favorite subjects, and classes, what are the most favorite things they like doing in school, are some of the examples you can use. Schools offer a lot of Parental support these days.

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Children with learning issues are more susceptible to being bullied as compared to their peers, they become the soft target. Sometimes as a parent we fail to understand how vulnerable our child is.

Look for signs of bullying in your child, for instance, self-destructive behavior, sudden loss of friends or avoidance of social situations, declining grades, difficulty sleeping and frequent nightmares are some of the signs.

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Parents need to set an example for their kids so that the kid has a positive attitude towards the school. Show them your school days pictures, tell them your school stories and everything you use to do in your school days. It will create an effect to your child’s mind, he will start seeking interest, change is not an overnight process, it won’t change over a night right?

Be supportive and notice everything that your child does at home and at school as well, children watch their parents and look up to them , if as a parent you do something wrong, then it will give a bad impact on your child as well.

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 Children see you as their role model, so teach them that the key to success is hard work and dedication. The most powerful tool you have is your own example.


A regular study plan helps children be consistent.  Make sure that your child studies on a regular basis. Create a daily schedule and include time to play, eat, have fun and do their work.

A timetable will help your child keep himself organized for school so he knows what he is supposed to do and feels in control of his work.

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Make them do the work step by step, tell them to start with the simple things. Timetable does not mean that you need to make them stiff and rigid for the rules, there should be a room for freedom as well. By doing this, they will get transitioned smoothly and would develop an interest in school.


These can be a great way of motivating a child.   Put one on the wall of their room so that every morning   when they wake up, they see it and get encouraged.

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The token economy has proved to be of a great help for children. As rewards and   punishment shape the behavior of the child.

 A token economy is a system for providing positive reinforcement to a child or children by giving those tokens for completing tasks or behaving in the desired ways tokens are a way of paying children for completing tasks and the children can then use these tokens to buy desired activities or items.

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Things you can use as the token economy- such as poker chips, printed cards with smiley faces, fake money or even marbles.


The ideas above will help but it may be difficult, or take too long to change your child’s attitude toward school.  If you need support from a professional counselor, contact  Vnaya  and talk to one of our Learning Leaders.

 Happy studying……!