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Get Homophones and its Meaning!

Homophones are the words which sound same but their meanings are different. They also have different spellings.

There is a lot of confusion in children when it comes to homophones. Some confuse it with Synonyms or Antonyms because they are kind of same, I agree. I used to have similar confusion when I was small. But then I found a very easy way to understand and differentiate them from similar grammar terms.

The way is to dissect the term. Yeah, really!  If we break up the term we find two words: homo and phone. Now, homo, we already know means Same and phones mean sound.

So, Homophones naturally mean words which sound the same. For e.g.  

 Bale, Bail






homophones and its meaning

There are a lot of ways that we can use them-

1. The context of the sentence is most important. See that you understand the meaning of the sentence that is there. Understand both the sentences and you are good to go.


Punctuation is the way we use certain mark writing to make it authentic and impressive. A writing piece can never look good without good punctuation.

How to use the right punctuation mark:

1. Most important one is Full Stop. Use it to end a sentence.Remember that always.

E.g. She is a dancer.

2. The second most important mark is Comma. Use this to pause your sentences and continue them again.

She is a dancer, a homemaker, and a full-time mother.

3. The other two important ones are Exclamation and Question marks. The exclamation mark is used to show a gesture of Surprise, joy, sadness and other emotions.

E.g. Wow! We won the bet again!

The other one is the question mark. Well, that’s easy! Use it whenever your character has a question. Examples?? Plenty of them!!

Are you going out tonight?

Can you please come here?

Would you mind doing it for me?

Punctuation is easy. I like to call them verbs. Because, hey! they are fun doing. 

Want to learn Homophones in more details? Simply book a session with an expert English tutor today and get going.

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