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Frequently Asked Questions About One on One Online Tutoring!!!

One on one dedicated online session is the call for the new generation. It is the most significant way of learning where you are free and uninhibited. One on one coaching is the opportunity to deal with your doubts, questions and ideas with the tutor in a private setting. Student can have a formal as well as a comfortable session with the tutor. Generally, parents come up with some questions regarding one on one sessions whether they are effective or are they really helpful in improving academic performances etc. So here we have a short list of questions that are frequently asked about one on one online tutoring sessions:

  1. Are one on one online sessions very expensive?

The answer to this question is a big ‘No’. Having one on one online sessions now a days is not at all expensive. It is easily affordable for an average earning household, though might be slightly upwards if compared with a group tutoring programme.  We value the time and investments put in by the parents and provide the best setting for learning most effectively.

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  1. Why should one take one on one sessions?

The benefits of having online as well as one on one sessions are innumerable. Whole attention is on one student and there could be a strong bond between the two. The child may sometimes hesitate sitting in a group and asking questions etc. At times it even gets extremely difficult and the child might face prejudice with other students which ends up having negative impact on the child’s mind. Unlike having one on one session, which could rather help the child in a more potential way. Also, every student has a different learning style so the tutor can adapt the teaching style accordingly in a one on one setting. 

  1. What are the benefits of having online sessions?

One can avail time flexibility and a range of well qualified tutors to choose from. You get specialized tutors for different subjects. Learning will be fun for your child as it sometimes involves watching videos, looking at pictures in terms of visual simulations to empower the child in understanding the concept well.  Children can always sit safe and comfortable in their homes and need not travel to some distant places to get specialized and their preferred coaching. Also, it improves the child’s technical skills.

  1. Is it helpful in preparing for assignments too?

An absolute yes to this question. Online tutoring does not only involve the academic support but also helps your child in doing their home works and completing assignments as directed from the school.

  1. Are the sessions useful in preparing for some competitive exams?

Online sessions include the preparation for many competitive exams including SAT, IELTS, etc. One can have a varied access to a platter of modules which are built to specially enable the child to crack such competitive exams. It also includes coding courses, personality development, communication skills enhancements, language learning and many other streams to choose from during holidays as well as general course of their school days. Therefore, the student has great opportunities to learn many different things from online tutoring. 

  1. How do we come to know about the performance of a child?

To have a record of the child’s performance, each and every session is being recorded. Assessments are taken on regular basis and report cards are prepared based on their performances.  A parent may ask for the audit of the recorded session anytime.

In the wake of advancement and technology, online tutoring is the best way to learn and explore with the ease of time and location accordingly. You learn the concepts based on the respective curriculums and can develop more confidence and improve academic performance. Again it is the best way to increase the ability to manage one’s learning with the ongoing dynamic momentum of the world.