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Essential Parenting to Ensure Success for Kids!

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” Socrates. It’s a fact which squarely resonates with the success quotient in life. Similar must apply to our children to prep them up to face life diligently, which will ensure success in its truest sense.

Life is not same for everyone, everywhere. Individuals at times have variant experiences while growing up because of a different kind of exposure one might get; this might be because of the distinctive socio-economic setting, cultural backgrounds, personality traits, set of belief system and many other factors. This is so to ask, why does success of an individual vary from another?

Let’s try and find out rather a common mechanism based on which every parent can lay the foundation of the success of their off springs. Let s factor out on the common points which can determine the success of every kid. It again takes us back to essential parenting techniques, which, if followed, can give us confirmed results. Let’s tap into the hidden potential of our children and get to exhume the mystery of outstanding happy and successful lives of these smart wonders.

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So, here’s what can be done by any parent regardless of their lack of available resources which might generally be believed to be most important for successful child rearing and ensuring the same n their lives further too:

  1. Teaching them good socializing skills is the key:

A socially smart kid has more chances of winning over peers, can swiftly learn better management skills, cooperation & flexibility skills. Parents must encourage their kids to take charge and go out and meet/ manage oneself and thereby people to their best abilities. Even a 20-year study at Penn State and Duke found that “kids with good social skills turned out to be more successful.” Children should be motivated to participate in community service, leadership summits, even a small community gathering. Participating in local or pan level competitions will add to their confidence levels and sense of coping up in public in a novel environment.

  1. Encourage children to do household chores:

Clean your room; sort your wardrobe, wash your shoes- they are not just ways to keep them engaged, but also important tool of inculcating a better lifestyle. Promoting good habits & obedience adds to sense of responsibility. Give them deadlines to finish a certain task, and they will enjoy the challenge. This will make them more responsible individuals in the future and will also help them learn the art of independence and managing themselves better. Being reasonably authoritative as a parent is not always a bad idea, since; it will boost their ideology of becoming a good leader. This will inspire them to work as a good team leader and also teach them patience for others.

  1. Set & promote college education from early years:

Well, if you want your kids to opt for higher education in the future, then you need to have a college degree as well. A parent needs to be the embodiment of what they want their kids to be. Set expectations from the early years that how college will help them achieve big goals in life, how it has helped the parent to have a life of their dreams. Be their role model in setting taller standards for higher education which will promote the idea of coherent learning throughout their lives ceaselessly. Delimit the uniqueness they can attain by mastering their interest in life. Help them identify it on their own. Connect financial goals which can be attained by expanding their intellectual capacity once they understand what they love doing.

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  1. Foster sound personal relationships:

We are aware of the deteriorating institution of a full home these days. But then there are considerate and conscious parents who understand the importance of living together as a fine unit for their children’s sake peacefully. Such parents not only manage themselves individually but also teach the child to manage tough emotional situations one can be in at any point in their lives. A joyful childhood rather ensures the mental well-being of the child when they know that as difficult the situation might be, one can get through the same with fortitude and dignity. It teaches them that it takes two to tango. Even studies have shown that a child brought up with full care and attention grows into a confident, sensitive and affectionate person. Household with low level of conflicts & sound personal relationships add to bring out the innate capability of the child in the future. It is imperative for a child to be cushioned by love and utmost care.

  1. Make them Math ready as well as discover love for reading:

Strange but true, children who love Math have a sound mental health as compared to others. Parents who promote Mathematical ability & even love for number make goal setting quite sound. Even simple logic games, arithmetic games played at home with parents unleashes the interest in them. Reading is definitely important. Let the children run from their homes to the different worlds through a book. It is important to build on their thinking abilities & aptitude. Let them learn to think and solve rather than feeding them with solutions.

  1. Encourage them to take risk and shed the fear of failure:

I have seen parents usually inhibiting their kids from taking chances. They are themselves scared of failures or have probably failed which is why they restrict their kids from experimenting. This sense of trying is usually curbed in the majority of the kids and this makes them quite insecure and timid in life. It should be encouraged in a controlled form, so that kids may learn to be independent and innovate. Failure should not just be a negative word always. Kids should rather be taught to fail so they can take victory as well as defeat in their stride in the most competitive world of today.

  1. Inculcate proactiveness and ethics: 

Well, it is a test technique, if you really want your child to listen you, then you must first rather listen to him. We must show them how important it is to function ethically and what are the consequences of shortcuts and laziness. It has been confirmed by one of the Harvard Business School study, that those children who grow up with working mothers are more likely to attain better jobs in future than the ones who saw their mothers as homemakers, only if to be perceived correctly that making a home is the biggest of all jobs.

The list can be never ending. But here within are conformed most important factors that must not be discounted if we want to achieve unparallel success in the truest of sense by making these little learners the happiest of souls. Our efforts as grownups, must never impede their learnings and experiences but our basic objective must always be to add value and empower. Never miss a chance to interact with these future generations, not to teach them but savor the opportunity always to learn from them a thing or two!

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