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Enhancing Reading Skills……

Teachers are avid lovers of literature, and this is the reason they always look forward to ways through which they can impart learning and knowledge to the students. But this is not something materialistic that could simply be given way. Here the need for the students is to have the disciple that could help them focus on the context of the text. This is where we can find the importance of reading skills.

Many people take reading skills for granted but this act of reading and comprehending a text in the right way is rather an interactive and complex a process. Reading requires different brain functions to work together to puzzle through the different layers of text and extract the right meaning out of it. For many children, reading is a chore, especially when it is something related to their lessons and course. But the good news is that the parents, teachers, and mentors can ignite the passion of the child to read imply by working on some tips and activities. To add on to the information, here are some of the ways through which reading skills of the children can be enhanced considerably:

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  1. Begin with finding the books they like

It is possible that sometimes kids are simply reluctant to start their reading practice from their lessons. This is where it is first necessary to build their interest in reading. Studies have shown that most of the children simply repel the books they are not interested to read. The secret of becoming a good reader is practice and for it, there has to be a start. Hand over your kids some books of their interest. This is the easiest way to make children start reading.

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  1. Read for pleasure

When reading is done for pleasure, it appears to be more fun and exciting. Usually, students are interested in reading books of different genres apart from their course literature. Providing students with books that could encourage them to read is a great idea to help them connect with those books. Reading is a disciple which is inculcated in the students gradually. You have to work on developing their interest and motivate them to give it a start.

  1. Annotate and highlight text

Guide your children or students to underline or highlight any valuable information they find while reading. When the students make notes of the information or find some interesting, it would help them to stay focus which improves their comprehension. Also, teach them to find new words each day while they read and look for its meaning. This is a good hobby that helps in improving the comprehension and vocabulary of the students.

  1. Problem-solving through reading

To make the students more focused on reading, add some problem-solving strategies with the reading. Assign them something to read and create questions related to what they have read. This will make the students read the context carefully, trying to understand everything, and making efforts to solve the questions asked related to it.

  1. Read aloud

When the children hear the word while reading aloud, it helps them in gaining a better understanding of everything they read. When the kids read the word aloud, it reaches directly to their heads. When you are trying to make your kids efficient in reading, ask them to read aloud even if they are struggling with any part of reading material. Reading aloud helps in improving the pronunciation of the students.

  1. Set reading goals

To keep working on improving the reading skills, help the students set their reading goals. This will prove to be helpful for them to work on building reading skills and they would also be aware of how much they are improving. Students should have small goals for reading for each day. Accomplishing the goals daily will motivate the students to work harder with each day that would make them improve their skills and make them more interested in it.

  1. Read in portions

Most students face difficulty in reading and understanding long and complex sentences and paragraphs. Breaking these long paragraphs in shorter segments would be more digestible for the children and help them understand it well. Here, they might require some help from the parents or teachers to make segments to read and to extract the meaning out of it.

Building reading skills among students might take time but it is an effective way to develop them to open their minds to the infinite world of knowledge and learning of new things. You can take time to discuss with them about their readings and everything new that they have come across in the books that interest them. It could be a collaborative way to work on their reading skills and the way of expressing their understanding. As a result of this, they will not just be better readers but will also keep enhancing their knowledge and become known to contemporary and new ideas every single day, which in turn will add to shaping up their personality extensively.