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Dos and Don’t s of Home Schooling Kids

It is a huge decision when you decide that you are going to home school your children. A big change in you will start at the very moment you become firm on this. You will have to be ready for being mentally challenged. However, those who don’t support homeschooling will never be convinced. Those who support you will always be there for you to lend you help.

Here are some homeschooling tips that you might need on the go:

  1. Commence Slowly

What does this imply? It means it takes time to adjust. At the start, you will be overexcited and joyful to start this journey. However, remember such excitements are ephemeral. So, start with two or three subjects a day for 2 weeks or so. Then add another subject and go on repeating this. This will give you and your children plenty of time to adjust to the change. So don’t rush, go slowly and plan accordingly.

  1. Time Schedule

You are now homeschooling them. It means their home is also their school. They need to maintain discipline here too. You don’t have to be very strict because they are going to be under your eyes anyway. But don’t be a parent all the time. Be a strict principal when needed. Be a counselor when required. Well planned teaching lessons help to utilize time more effectively.

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  1. Syllabus Planning

As you must know, homeschooling isn’t totally independent. You will have to enroll at your nearby authority that looks into this educational matter. If you are homeschooling, you will get a syllabus to follow. That means other parents who are teaching their children at home will also be getting it. Talk to them and know what they are doing. Don’t try to teach everything to your kids at a time. Plan their syllabus structure, learning path and this step will make your job a little sorted.

  1. Cherish Hobbies

Because hobbies sometimes make us a star, you should always give them importance. That’s the benefit of homeschooling. Your kid isn’t confined to follow the school norms. He can pursue his interests and you should motivate him. Hobbies play an important role in character build-up. So cherish their hobbies. Don’t focus on the academics part only.

  1. Field Trips

What does homeschooling indicate? Teaching them better; the way they want to be taught. Take them on field trips to museums, science parks, dairy farms, industries, etc. You never know when inspiration strikes. Being a home schooled kid, this is the proud benefit he can have that he has been on more educational trips than his school-going counterparts. So don’t limit their learning classes to the home walls.

  1. Daily Motivation

Motivate them to study. Also, don’t forget to motivate yourself to teach. Once six months or a year have passed, you will come along with this system. But your first 2 months are going to be tough. Frustration, headaches, punctured routines, everything will be in your way. Your struggle is now continual until they pass their school level education. So watch videos that give you motivation every day. And show some good ted talk to them too.

  1. Modern Help

You are not in the ’80s or ’90s where homeschooling meant, “Oh the well-educated housewife will be the tutor for her kids now”. Or not, “What’s the fun of homeschooling when they hired a tutor for the kids?” You are in an era where technology lives at your home. Hire a private tutor online with and kick start their education. If there is a subject your kid struggles at and you have a tough time explaining it, then online tutoring is the best option.

  1. Socialize More

No matter how much better your way of teaching is, they will miss the part of playing with friends. In schools, children socialize and learn to live in society. You will have to ensure that homeschooling does not affect their social life. There must be other home schooled children, attend meetings with their parents. As parents, you will learn from each other at such gatherings. Your children will relate more to those homeschooling children. They can find friends there.

Now that you stand firm on the decision of teaching them at home, be self-motivated. Their future lies on your shoulders. You have the opportunity to make them true learners, not some lousy spoon-feeders. Always remember to maintain your peace. Never be afraid of talking to someone about your feelings. Mental pressure is sure to occur but it will be acute if you let it out with someone. Also, being a homeschooling parent is a full time job. All the best!