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Don’t Waste the Summer; Have a fresh start!

study in summer

Will you waste the summer?

Summer is coming. School is out – at least in North America where I live. The summer is the time to forget school and the stress and anxiety homework can cause and look forward to good times.

Or is it?

Yes, summer is about relaxing and having fun but it is also a time when you need to check on your child’s learning progress.   You have your child’s last report card of the year and you are either happy that your child had a good year or you are anxious that something is not quite right.

Perhaps the report card was not quite what you were expecting.  Perhaps your child’s grades are lower that you would like them to be.  Perhaps you feel that your child could do better.  Perhaps you already know that your child struggled to learn last year and that you want to do something to help.

study in summer

Summer is the time to relax but it is also the time when you can help your child catch up and improve their grades.  It is also the time when you can discover why your child has not reached his or her full learning potential and when you can fix any issues that are stopping your child learning.

Summer is the time when you can make sure that your child is ready to fully benefit from the upcoming years of schooling.

This needn’t mean extra stress in your life.  It means that any stress that is left over from the school year gets handled then dismissed.  It means helping your child –and you – have a stress free summer because you both know that you will be ready to make the upcoming school year the best ever for your child.

Summer is the perfect time to discover you child’s path to success.  To uncover the weak or missing learning skills that are stopping your child reach his or her learning potential.

Summer is the time when you can incorporate learning strategies into your daily routine rather than having to find time to fit them in a school day.

Summer is a time to take it easy but it would be a waste of a summer if you did not use it to ensure that your child was ready to have a fabulous school year next year.

Don’t play catch up – trying to help your child when he or she is already struggling to learn.  Get in front of any problems now, this summer, while you can.  Then next school year will be a breeze – and isn’t that something you want for your child, and for you?




Dr Patricia Porter

About Dr Patricia Porter

Dr. Patricia Porter holds a Ph. D from the University of British Columbia, a Masters Degree from Birmingham University, a Diploma in Special Education from the University of London and is a recipient of a Churchill Fellowship . She is a highly sought after international speaker, educator, and ambassador for maximizing children’s learning potential. Her Learning Skill Assessments are the first in the World to be offered free to all parents.