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Descriptive Writing

English is a language that is written, spoken, read and listened in all over the world. When we start analyzing to the writing part of English, it is the descriptive writing that makes every user of English an aficionado to write uniquely. Suppose there is a picture that is appeared in-front of us and we have to describe this picture in our own words. To describe a picture in your own words allows you to have the imagination of mind due to which you create your own sentences and drool-worthy sentences contain great vocabulary words, impeccable grammatical structure and perfect sentence formation. Apparently, in the part of descriptive writing, descriptive essays always lead us to write according to the figure of a picture. Let us discuss that what is the right format of a descriptive essay?

It is very important to follow the format of a descriptive essay under the curriculum of descriptive writing.

  • Introduction: In this part, we discuss that what is there to show on the picture. What kind of picture is there that we have to explain or describe in our words. To make the intro part an interesting one, it must be clear and concise.
  • Body paragraphs: After the introduction part, body paragraphs take place. Particularly, these body paragraphs could be two or maybe It depends upon you that how you explain them in a meaningful way so that each reader can be relished to read them properly. In this part phrases and vocabulary, words should be utilized so that you get more sentences to write.
  • Conclusion: In the last, this part of descriptive writing ensures you to end it.

One has to write attractive finishing lines to wrap it up.

This format has to be implemented to make the descriptive writing more elegant and superior. Besides, if we talk about the grammar part, that plays a vital role in writing the descriptive essay. Grammar basically contains parts of speech likewise nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, articles and verbs etc. Do not always use adjectives in the body paragraphs. 1-2 adjectives can be utilized in each body paragraph.

Utilization of Adverbs:

Adverbs are helpful to make the sentences superior for example

Ultimately, wearing jeans is a phenomenon in today’s world.

Sparrows these days are rarely seen.

If we look at these sentences, the use of adverb is making the sentence proper and attractive. Besides, the second sentence seems to look simple but on the other side, the use of an adverb in this sentence makes it different as compared to the sentences that are simple.

If the second sentence is simply written like

“Sparrows these days are not seen” then the overall sentence would be the normal one with the right use of the verb. The fact is that; adverbs are more powerful rather than the verbs in sentences because if a sentence stands alone without the adverb, its importance in the descriptive essay lacks interest. In the modern descriptive writing, adverbs have become the crucial part of it.

Use of connectors

Connectors in body paragraphs play a significant role and they help your descriptive essay to become more elegant and make a balance between the formal and informal perspective of writing style. Below are some connectors that can help you to get more ideas to write on the descriptive essay.

  • On the one hand
  • On the other hand
  • whereas
  • In so far as
  • As well as
  • However
  • In fact
  • Therefore

One can define two aspects of a keyword. For instance, the keyword is “Brain Drain” and you want to define two aspects of this then you can combine these two aspects by using the first two connectors such as  

“On the one hand, he tried his best to go inside the cave whereas, on the other hand, a devil came outside from the cave and in the end he killed to that devil.”

These two connectors are relatives to the connectors such as on the one side and on the other side. Let’s have an example.

“On the one side, American President was giving his speech


Here one thing must be noticed that how two sentences can be connected with each other by the glorious use of connectors. Besides, the long sentence always put its great impact on the reader and it seems to look impressive as well as spectacular. Therefore, one should always follow to implement the rule of applying connectors between two sentences. “A writer can always be an extreme writer if he gives place to the connectors in his writing”.

Use of the and an articles

While writing descriptively one must consider two of the articles, “The” and “an”. Sometimes there is the confusion occurred while using both. The fact here is that; we use “The” article to make the noun specific. For example

  1. The University
  2. The United States
  3. The Russian Federation
  4. The Everest
  5. The Graveyard

These are the popular nouns that have become specific by using “The” article before them. If we use “an” article before the noun “university” then grammatically it would be wrong because u sound of the vowel is not there but on the other side, the consonant is there. We know that “an” article is utilized with the five vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u. Let’s have some examples.

  1. An HR
  2. An Umbrella
  3. An M.A
  4. An Aunt
  5. An Uncle
  6. An Era

There is the presence of vowel sounds in these nouns that is why “an” article is used. To make them specific “The” article can be used. Therefore, one must take care of this part to apply these two articles before each and every noun.

Use of meaningful vocabulary words

Vocabulary words should be utilized to make descriptive writing more elegant. Five new English words must be placed in your descriptive writing.

Let’s have an example of two vocabulary words. For example

He looks gourmet. It means one who is a foodie.

He looks snobbish. It means superior.