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Science! Is it tough? No, it is not. Science is the only subject that should come naturally to a student. Half of the things are already known to your brain. For instance, you might not know it is called gravity. However, you do know that everything falls on the ground. Science is not tough. One needs to observe everything around him and make inferences. Yes, we understand that it is better said than done.

Science and mathematics are every child’s nightmare. They include complicated topics and brutal equations. How to make sense out of them? Physics, chemistry, and biology show stars to students in broad daylight.

If your child struggles with science then here’s a transformation opportunity for you. Not only will your child understand science but soon will become a master of it. He will learn directly from the experts in the field. Teachers, here, are professionals who have mastered the art of teaching.

Every one of our teachers goes through a special training program that refines their teaching abilities. Our trained teaching professionals understand child psychology and create a better learning ambiance.

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Reasons why children struggle with certain subjects

Children need extra care when they struggle with a subject. However, in regular schools where intelligent children are pampered, a slow learner faces negligence. A teacher is supposed to teach everyone not some selected faces. Your child may be suffering due to the following reasons:

  1. Lack of motivation to study. He finds the subject boring.
  2. The subject has become frustrating for him due to continuous unsuccessful attempts at understanding it.
  3. As established above, he may be a victim of negligence.
  4. His pace of learning doesn’t match with the teacher’s teaching speed.
  5. The subject is not right for the student; he may excel at another subject.

If it is any of the first four above mentioned cases then don’t worry, we can help you. There is still hope that he can do better with online science experts.

At school, he will definitely struggle. That’s because it is a big class. It is difficult for a single teacher to keep track of every student.

  • Sometimes your child does not understand the topic but teachers move forward with the syllabus.
  • Other times he has got a grasp but because some of the students haven’t, the teacher keeps on repeating the topic.

It goes on and your child becomes stuck in an unhealthy environment where he never grows. He needs someone who keep a closer watch on him. He needs someone who can guide him step by step.

How online help will help

Online help is a very trusted service now. Students around the globe are using online classes to excel in studying. If you are new to this, don’t hesitate to inquire about anything that you want to know.

  1. As established above, our teachers are experts in their field. They have undergone special training in which they are acquainted with friendly teaching methods.
  2. Your child will understand the subject in a most interactive manner: the play way manner.
  3. This way he will play games and understand different topics.
  4. He will experiment in his daily life and try things out. All these experiments will be safe and mostly under the guidance of an elder (tutor, mostly).
  5. Because everything is taught through practical learning games, he relates the subject better with real life.
  6. This makes him understand the subject better and the subject grows deeper roots in his mind.
  7. A fixed timing will be planned for the classes keeping the child’s routine schedule under consideration. This way his regular life won’t be much affected.

You can always ask for a demo class to see if your child understands or not. We bet our experts will make his learning experience better. The classes provided will help students with homework. He will get regular assignments and tasks. Based on the response, he will be guided further. Regular tests will be conducted to keep the child on track. Our professionals will make sure your child’s morale doesn’t get down. Online science classes at Vnaya can be a whole new experience for your child. He may be struggling at school but our interactive learning program will prove to be a building stone in his learning journey.