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Comprehension – Tips and Tricks

Learning a language can be challenging, but it can we can break it down into a number of small ones and built it up to achieve our goal. To enhance your skills in any language, you should be able to comprehend its basics well. This is where “comprehension” becomes eminent. It is only when you are able to extract the meaning of things written on a piece of paper, can you use it in an apt manner. Most of us take comprehension of passages for granted and may even underestimate the usage of it. Not only does it strengthen and expand our knowledge of the language but also encourages logic and vocab enhancement.

Honing our comprehension skills can be multi-facet, as it is both interactive and strategic. Everyone has their approach towards comprehension, and none is absolutely incorrect. Until you ensure to deliver desired results. However, there are few basic steps to adhere to, to further improve the skill of understanding and unraveling the comprehension exercise.

Identify the Passage

Once you are on the assigned passage, try to categorize the passage. For example, it can be graph based, text based or visual aid based. Some passages rely on images (also referred to as visual aid), so your biggest source of information is probably that image attached with the passage etc. For instance, it is visually added, pay attention to observe the important details in the image and you will see how quickly you will be able to debunk the passage. An image helps us to understand and thereby attempt to the kind of passage it can be, and most of the times you’ll end up solving it the right way. However, this does not mean that you should not bother about the text, as you are just getting started. Focus abundantly on the text too. Image just acts as an add-on to the passage, just so you know where to begin from.

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Text Evaluation

Before you jump into the exercise, try and analyze what is in front of you. Just a glimpse would be enough to help you predict what to expect from the passage. Browse through the questions and think of the passage. Try and create a common link of the text and the image in your mind and if you have studied something similar previously, try and apply your prior knowledge to the exercise at hand. In case of no image along with the text, try and sort out information in an organized way to be able to attempt the questions aptly.

Identify the characters

If the passage includes a setting where there are multiple characters involved, try and piece together the information properly so that you can identify the importance of each character of the passage. Most of the times, the questions revolve around the protagonist or antagonist shared in the passage.

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Main Idea

Once you are done reading the passage, try and identify the main plot of the passage. You will be surprised to see that once you have figured this out, the questions become way too easy for you to attempt. You should be able to analyze the reason behind why the author has written the text, what the theme is and rationalize it with the questions hence forth.

Self Evaluation

You should be decisive about certain facts like, what is it that you want to know, what you already know and what have you learnt from the read. It is more often than expected that the comprehension exercises are about the topic that you might have already read about earlier. Although, you should not be surprised if some new facts are revealed to you in the passage, stick precisely to the questions that follow. The whole point of any exercise is but to impart something new to the reader.

These are just few tips which can go a long way to enhance your understanding about comprehension and help you with attempting it better!