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Comprehension 2 Practice worksheet

Nehru as well as her daughter & successor, Smt. Indira Gandhi, were well aware that only a firm anchorage in the Indian identity could unite the nation & enable it to make an impact on the world. In these days of mutual interdependence, the western powers & America cannot afford to ignore what is happening in this region. It is possible that the fate of the Asian democracies would one day be decided on the banks of the Ganges. If India fails to remain a democracy, this would trigger the fall of the whole of South & South-East Asia; that is why, the Indian Prime Minister as to play a role that goes well beyond duties related to internal affairs only.

Read the above-given comprehension & answer the following questions:

1. Select from the answer choices, the word that is synonymous to ‘Dimensions’
a) Size       b) importance       c) support       d) height

2. Why does the role of the Indian Prime Minister go beyond the duties related to internal affairs of the country?
a) To have an impact on the neighboring countries
b) Because the Indian Politics influenced the scenario in South-East Asia
c) To avoid the interference of the super powers
d) None of the above

3. Select the word that is nearly opposite in meaning to ‘dominance’ used in the passage
a) Rule       b) government       c) subordination       d) importance

4. Nehru & his daughter were firm upon the anchorage could unify India, what was the crisis that threatened our nation
a) To make India a superpower
b) to make India a colony of America
c) To enable the proper discharge of prime ministerial duties
d) None of the above

5. Suggest a title for the above paragraph-