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Coding for Kids – Why?

One thing that we want for our children as parents is to excel and find happiness with the newly found success. When it is about academics, working well in theoretical aspects alone is not enough for kids. The evolved digital age with its rapid transformation every moment is a time when every system we use has a structure of code behind it. So, to dream of acceleration for kids, and simply hoping for their academic success is definitely not enough. It has rather become imperative to teach them how to CODE, which is not just a computer language but has become a necessary required skill for life.

When it is about learning to code, it doesn’t mean that the kids have to directly jump at learning the complex codes. But what we mean here is to make sure that the journey or coding for kids is started at a young age only. Coding is the 21st-century concept in which the kids acquire the know how and the logical aspects that will eventually help them in the long run, in their lives as well as in their professional careers. Henceforth, here are some important factors that contribute to the importance of teaching coding to children:

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  1. Programming helps in problem-solving

One thing we know for sure is that we must empower the child in problem-solving so that he is aware of how to analyze a situation and come up with a relevant solution to advance ahead.  Most people don’t know this but coding comes in handy here. Understanding computers and working on the basics of coding makes kids efficient and mindful of how things work. It helps them to be aware of how to solve any problem in a creative and logical way. The ability of problem-solving is extremely important as we all would agree.  We all want our kids to be able to solve their problems on their own rather than getting over whelmed by them. Learning to code can consolidate the necessary ability for problem solving among the young minds.

  1. Coding makes kids develop interest in math

Coding can be stated as the language of math. When kids learn to code, it would involve skills that would be required to organize the given data and to analyze it in the requisite manner. When they use their logic along with calculation skills and construct a code, it would make math more engaging for them and fun to work with. Many a times we find math being avoided as a subject altogether. Learning to code can help in improving this bitter relationship with math and make it more enjoyable. This is the reason that there is a major revision in inclusion of coding as a mandate in the given academic structure and more and more people are beginning to understand the incomparable importance of the subject with the growing times ahead.

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  1. Coding develops resilience in kids

When kids start to learn to code, they tend to develop the ability to bounce back when faced with failures in life. They would learn quickly that witnessing a failure doesn’t always mean a bad thing, instead they would start considering it as an opportunity to find something positive and learn a new thing every time. This can be considered as one of the most important reasons that coding is something kids should learn as they would learn the concept of debugging in their own lives too. This is how the children would start learning from their mistakes and would even develop the ability to try and try again until they achieve success.

  1. Coding teaches children how to think

Computer programming isn’t about teaching how the kids would type the code. It also isn’t about memorizing a particular code. Instead, it is about looking at a problem and thinking about ways it could be resolved in. It is where the kids can become a logical thinker and would be able to logically solve any given problem. Coding makes the kids see the larger problem and break it down into smaller portions, while the kids evaluate each and every piece to find the answer to the main problem. This is how the kids learn the right way to think in order to derive an answer to a problem.

  1. Coding is the future

We can’t ignore to consider the long-term goal of making our kids capable of finding a good job and have a good career ahead. In this aspect, we have to make sure that our kids are skilled enough to enter the dynamically evolving world scenario. The current times and even the future is all about coding. This is an important reason that we should focus on our kids and start their early coding lessons so that by the time they would be ready to take on the world, they would be absolutely prepared and ready.

With all the super benefits of coding, it can clearly be stated that it is something that should be a must for our children. Not just in a profession, learning to code would help our kids to be smart and logical in their general lives. It would give them the capability to evaluate any situation and come up with the right way to deal with it which imperatively is the biggest life skill required.

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