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Coding For Kids In 2021 – A Parent’s Guide

As a parent, you must wonder about questions like what is coding and if it is essential for my child. Well, here you will get the idea of everything relevant about coding and its importance for the growth of a child.

What is coding?

Coding is how humans communicate with computers. It is an intelligent language that can be understood or cracked like an easy puzzle to understand. Children can learn this language in their early years of childhood, starting at the age of 6 .

Let us analyze how coding for children works!

  1. What is considered a good age for starting coding?

The correct or good age of starting coding is considered six to seven years. In recent times, the concept of coding is becoming popular among kids. The levels of coding languages start from the easiest- Scratch and keep increasing with the growth of the child. Google even hosts the ‘Code to Learn’ contest where students from class 6 to 12 enter.

  1. E-learning is the new normal

Learning is considered one of the ongoing processes and it never stops. Universities, schools, and offices are all operating online now. Moreover, we have all adjusted to it in time, thankfully. The coding programs for kids are designed scientifically, keeping in mind that the course is made simple and attractive for the young students. The curation of coding is made easy and interactive so that it is easier for them to use. The best part about coding is that students can take it up as a side course. They can study it along with traditional educational programs at schools and colleges. This helps them to utilize their time effectively.

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  1. Is school-level coding enough for the growth and learning of the kids?

Learning to code at a younger age helps the children to acquire more information in the various fields that makes them grow. This gives them more opportunities as adults. School-level programming classes should be encouraged with the courses of coding that are better than schools. It fills in the gap that the school system leaves behind. The gaps include one-on-one student-teacher time, personalized care, tools, and creative approaches. These are the very reasons why young students find school boring.

Schools teach these languages when the student is in a bigger grade and this also happens only if the students have opted for this subject fully. Further, schools do not incorporate the proper coding languages that might give your kid an edge in their career. Not only this, but they also do not have apt and required tools and resources that are used in the supplemental programs.

  1. Is coding good for kids?

Yes, coding is good for kids as there are several benefits of computer coding for them. Some of the benefits of coding are as follows:

  • Kids learn computational learning.
  • Kids develop a logical bend of mind.
  • They learn how to create and be creative.
  • They become quick to identify and solve problems.
  • They learn persistence.
  1. Does coding for kids improve job opportunities?

Kids learning coding at a younger age will develop better and stronger education prospects for them in the future. Therefore, their job aspects are broadened. It is important to understand how to teach programming to the kids since you will be laying the foundation for them.

  1. Does the language of coding even matter?

The coding languages that one learns in the specialized programming courses matter for the overall development of the children. Studying and understanding coding at a young age and supplementing school education with it will, therefore, act as a key. Having a good academic education and simultaneously holding on to coding education is considered crucial now. Parents can give their kids an edge by providing them access to online coding courses.

Now you must have certain queries in your head about coding. Let us look at the answers to certain questions that often bother people.

  1. How can I get my child to code?

For younger kids learning to code, Scratch is the go-to program, whereas Python is considered a program for older kids.  For younger kids, e-learning programs should be started first. With the help of this learning, they can learn from the comfort of their home.

  1. Where do I start coding?

One can take up a course that is suitable for their age group and then begin learning. E-leaning helps you do so from the comfort of your home, with better tools than traditional in-person classes.

This was all about coding and these were the most asked FAQs by the children and parents. Coding can add to the kids’ personality and can act as an add-on for the kids portfolio.

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