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Teaching Civility to Kids: Sowing the Seeds with Vnaya

Civility isn’t some optional value in a multicultural, multistate, democratic republic. It is the key to civilization

As parents, we all want our kids to be kind, polite, and courteous. Unfortunately, our kids live in an uncivil world where they learn all forms of negative emotions including cruelty, egotism, aggression, etc. Such an attitude is not only harmful to their emotional and mental well-being, but also is a great roadblock to their professional success.

Civility is the art of recognizing the humanity of other people and considering the common good of all above self-interest. And to sustain and live happily in the society, our children must have civility.  

So, how to teach civility to our children?

Here are a few simplest, yet effective tips.

  • Understand them: The foremost thing you need to do as a parent is to understand the behavior, and mental-emotional state of your child. If say, your child is involved in frequent fights with his classmates, instead of screaming or nagging, you must try to understand the reason for their behavior. What causes them to react aggressively every time with others, why do they behave in a certain way, etc., can help you learn a lot about your child and help you find the right solution.


  • Be a Patient Listener: One of the important aspects of civility is patience listening. Hence, you should children to listen to others. Make them understand the importance of listening and then acting. Also, as a parent, you should practice what you preach. Hence, you should hear what your children say before you judge them. This will help understand the value of respecting the thoughts and opinions of others.


  • Support Empathy: Foster empathy in your children. Teach them how to consider the feelings and emotions of others. Offer them the opportunities where they can actually value the feelings of others, be it their relatives, friends, or mere neighbors. Converse with them about the things happening around and ask them how and what do they think the feelings of those around them.  In short, teach them to think by walking in someone else’s shoes.



  • Teach Manners – Politeness is the essence of civility. Teaching your children to use manners will help them engage politely in civil discourse. Help them realize the power of words like “Please” and “Thank you”.


  • Reach out to Parenting Programs – There are many parenting programs that provide parents with proven and practical ways to help their children succeed in school and life. With counseling under experts, such programs can help parents learn about the skills of their children and issues they face in various aspect of their life.


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