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Child Bullying – how you can help?

Cyber Bully

Shockingly lot of teens lately have been noticed to bully themselves on social media by creating fake accounts. They abuse themselves and leave demeaning and derogatory comments and at times they go to the extent of harming themselves physically via cutting or burning. 


As per Sheryl Gonzalez-Ziegler, a reputed child psychologist, the main reason for this digital bullying is the self-hatred the adolescents develop for themselves by scrolling through their peers’ accounts and comparing their lives with theirs. This presumptuous inferiority complex leads to the fear of being insulted and humiliated by others, resulting they abuse themselves on their personal accounts with the feeling that others’ insult wouldn’t feel that bad.



Studies say that there are many teens who have harmed themselves more than once and they say that “they already feel bad about themselves and by bulling themselves online they want to feel the worst. By doing so they also want to see who actually is their friend”. While there are many who like to get attention via such means. But as the larger picture of this strange behaviour amongst teens is noticed, it is found that somewhere most of these children feel alone inside themselves. Considering the present lifestyles, both the parents are completely occupied and stressed in their routine affairs and they fail to understand their child’s needs and anxiety reasons.  With this , the gap between the parents and children is developed and the latter doesn’t want to confide their depressed emotions. Gradually they start feeling comfortable in their own company and develop a negative bent of mind for themselves.



Other than this, Vnaya’s team of experts who counsel parents and children with their varied emotional issues found out that children are mostly found staying in their isolated space sitting in front of phones and laptops for hours. The physical and outdoor activities of the children have reduced to almost nil, thus their minds do not feel fresh and energised that again leads to negativity in their thoughts.



To address this issue there are many parents who quickly limit the use of social media for their children but they do not realise that deepens the problem even more. Teens develop the feeling of hatred for their parents and find ways to continue their social media usage through some unfair means like stealing money and going out in cafes or buying a secret phone and so on… Our counsellors have observed that the actual solution to the problem and the most effective one is communication. The moment they feel their child likes to stay alone, they should talk to him and understand his feelings. Instead of making the child feel that he is doing something wrong, they should understand how critical this situation can be. So they should spend time with their child, should play some games together and travel to his favourites place etc. On the other hand, if parents let go this situation lightly, their child might go through a very serious problem and there could be no come back. In short, be their best friends is the key to every challenge this parent child relationship faces.

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