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Challenging Problems For Calculus Students

Calculus is considered one of the tough subjects for students for several reasons. Well, there is no lie in the statement that it is indeed a tough subject. The reason behind it is that it involves numerous patience and mathematical equations. To learn and understand calculus, one needs to be a whiz at mathematics. If you have the art to solve the mathematical equations in a go then this is the right subject for you. There are several reasons why students find this subject challenging. Let us have a look at these reasons. 

  1. The foremost reason students find this subject difficult is that most of the students fail to understand the subject. Understanding the nature of the subject is quite important. Most of the students think that calculus is the end of a sequence of courses in mathematics that one arrives at while passing through algebra, trigonometry, geometry, etc. Well if you think the same, then you are completely mistaken as it is not the thing. Calculus in itself is a complete beginning of a whole new branch of mathematics. It opens the path to many different areas such as physical, engineering, social sciences, etc. Calculus is going to teach the students a new way of thinking and also looking at mathematics with a completely new perception.

  2. Another factor due to which students find calculus hard is that this subject takes time to understand. The subject demands more time than any other subject as it also revolves around several mathematical equations. There are students who tend to skip the classes and thus end up scoring bad scores in the subject. The subject would demand more attention and time so that one can take a hold of the equations, formulas, and the theories it revolves around.

  3. One of the reasons why students find this subject challenging is the equations it revolves around. The equations in calculus are tough and demand a complete understanding of the subject. Students stumble at solving complex equations and, thus, end up getting bad scores in this subject.

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These were the challenges faced by students while solving and struggling with the tough equations of calculus. Now let us analyze how one can make this subject easier.

Techniques to make calculus easy:

  1. If you want to have a hold on this subject you will be required to polish your basics. So to master your hand at the subject, you will be required to have a good command and understanding of the basic subjects which include geometry, algebra, and arithmetic. So start with the basic algebra and with the sets and the rules of the algebra. Ensure that you master all the operations of arithmetic, and learn the basics of geometry including the shapes and properties in geometry.

  2. To have a good command of the subject, ensure that you excel at the formulas of the subject. To learn the formulas you can use flashcards. It is important to learn the formulas as that will help you solve the problems in the subject.

  3. Another important aspect that will help you to score better and overcome the challenges in calculus is that you pay attention to the limits. Limits play an integral role in the subject, so ensure that you practice your hands on the limits.

  4. To score better in the subject you can understand and learn the theorems of the subject. Calculus is incomplete without theorems. Ensure that you learn, analyze and understand the theorems nicely in order to have a great command of the subject and its equations.

  5. Also, the key to scoring well in any subject is practice. You must have heard the quote, “practice makes the man perfect”, and so is true with calculus. The more you practice your hands on equations and theorems, the more the chances of scoring better grades in the exam.

These are the ways by which a student can overcome the challenges of this subject and make this subject easy and understandable. All that a student is required to do is practice the equations and the problems more often. The main agenda of a student is to overcome the challenges and to score well in the subject, so the students can use different techniques that will not only help them overcome these challenges but also will help them score better in exams.

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