Why Does Sodium Chloride Dissolve in Water?

15 Jan 2020| Posted by: Vnaya Education
Sodium chloride is also called the common salt. The ionic compound has a chemical formula as NaCl which consists of 1:1 ratio of sodium and chloride ions having molar mass of 22.99 and 35.45g/mol respectively. Every 100 g of NaCl constitute to 39.34 g of Na and 60.66g Cl. Here are some examples: Sodium chloride…

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Motivating Children Positively!!!!

08 Jan 2020| Posted by: Vnaya Education
As a kid, I was very shy. To be honest, I wasn’t a very confident child in dealing with my share of ado’s. My parents never really acknowledged this as a problem, till it became mountainous and started becoming a barrier to my dreams. I was a hard-worker, dreamer but loser at expression. My goals…

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Third Reason – Benefits of Having a Tutor for Your Child

26 Dec 2019| Posted by: Vnaya Education
Dr. Porter is again here with the third reason regarding, how your child can benefit upon availing the services of a tutor. She is talking about tutoring when your child is doing well in school and you don’t have any real worries during any upcoming exam or any test happening anytime. Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-JdD-jBl2I

Second Reason – How Online Tutoring Can Help Your Child succeed?

26 Dec 2019| Posted by: Vnaya Education
 Dr. Porter is here again with the second reason as to why your child needs help of an online tutor? This reason is yet again simplified for you just like the first one – as to why your child needs help with a specific subject? Check this full video or visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMOd7zLdzYI&t=2s

How Online Tutoring Can Help Your Child? Live Demo

19 Dec 2019| Posted by: Vnaya Education
 This video is all about online tutoring and how tutoring can help excel in academics. In this video, Vnaya is sharing the different ways of online tutoring through which one can explore academic learning virtually but in a one on one fashion. Here Dr. Porter mentions the ultimate reason as to why one needs…

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How Can A Tutor Help?

12 Dec 2019| Posted by: Vnaya Education
This video is presented by Dr. Patricia Porter. The video is about the online tutoring. Tutoring is really important and I think that the must parents fully understand the benefits of tutoring. So, why get a tutor? Why enroll your child for an online tutoring service? The first thing is that, every child can benefit…

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Benefits of Learning Coding!!

26 Nov 2019| Posted by: Vnaya Education
It is very often believed that programming; coding, web app and software development are limited to genius minds only. Let us debunk the so-called myth here for you today; everything is difficult until it is unknown to us. Coding is just the same, rather to begin with, it really is simple and interesting. Prior to…

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Effective Parenting is Important for Kids’ Mental Health

14 Oct 2019| Posted by: Vnaya Education
Raising happy and informed kids is one of the main visions of parenting. Nowadays, good parenting skills are imperative to a child’s mental and physical growth. In order to make a child reach her full potential, it is important for a parent to adopt mindfulness towards rearing a child. It will enable a child to…

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Effective time management tips for perfect grades

14 Aug 2019| Posted by: vnaya
Time is the most effective weapon and wisest counsellor especially in a student’s life. Managing academics is a very crucial aspect for a student as it becomes an imperative milestone to decide further course of their life. Time is the coefficient of this phase which can either make or break you. Time values only those…

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Enhancing the learning experience with Smart Schooling

10 Jun 2019| Posted by: vnaya
Smart Schooling System is an electronic School Management System that empowers the school to use and work a significant number of coordinated co-related modules and deals with the organization of school efficiently. Because of its regularly developing and focused nature, the training division has dependably been in need of Smart Schooling System to give a…

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