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Help your Grade Schooler Develop Good Study Habits

Mar 21, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
Grade schoolers have a hard time developing good study habits. However, as children begin receiving more homework, they will have to pick up some. The following tips will help you to help your child develop sound study habits. Explain how to identify distractions for your child. Studying can easily lead to distractions for some kids.…

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How to teach study skills to elementary students?

Mar 21, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
In order to learn more efficiently, feel more academically confident, undergo challenges without giving up, and ultimately do their very best, students need to develop good study habits and techniques. The assumption that learners already possess these skills can, at times, be mistaken. In reality, sometimes they do not; many students are not aware of…

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5 Strategies to Improve Your Online Learning Skills

Feb 17, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
For the very first time ever, millions of students have been unable to attend K-12 and college classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The challenges of online learning presented initially were quickly overcome by students and educators who recognized the unprecedented opportunities, such as greater flexibility, self-paced learning, and a comfortable learning environment. While online…

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How to teach a child to study independently?

Feb 15, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
Would you consider the over-involvement of the parents to be a good idea? There can sometimes be some good in this, but if it continues all the time, it is not enjoyable at all. You must understand what it takes to make your child a competent independent learner in order to encourage your child to…

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For What Reason Do People Succumb to Peer Pressure?

Feb 7, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
When children give in to peer pressure, they usually do so for several reasons, such as being liked, fitting in, or being afraid of being teased if they do not conform to the group. Other people go along because they are curious about trying something new that others are doing. Children may be influenced by…

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How Hard Is It To Learn Spanish?

Feb 2, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
Well, the question remains the same whenever you are about to start learning any new language. The truth is that there’s no right answer to it. For anyone new to a language would find that language difficult but when you can’t a hold of it, you’ll see nothing could be easier than that. The thing…

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How to Motivate Child to do Homework?

Feb 1, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
Rather than fighting a constant battle of wills with your children over multiplication tables and verb conjugations, tailor your approach to their personalities. It is been two hours since you have been sitting with your child, speaking only in soothing tones (while thinking about what bribes might work), trying to keep him from melting down…

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How to Deal With Peer Pressure?

Jan 31, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
We are all skipping science class today. Instead of taking a quiz, let’s go for a walk and get some lunch instead!” says the coolest kid in class. Would you rather go to the science class regardless of the quiz? Or would you rather give in and go to their way of thinking? In your…

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Detailed Explanation of Temperature

Jan 26, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
The natural transfer of heat energy—that is, from a hotter (higher) body to a colder (lower) body—is reflected by temperature, which is a measure of hotness or coldness represented on any of a range of arbitrary scales (one at a lower temperature). Temperature is not the same as energy in a thermodynamic system; for example,…

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How to Deal with Pressure and Anxiety during SAT Preparation

Jan 25, 2022 | Posted by: Vnaya Education
Students these days might not get worried about serious world problems, but what makes them nervous the most is the approaching SAT exam. The anxiety they face during the preparation time for SAT can be considered worse than normal jitters. And the thing is there is nothing abnormal about this nervousness and anxiety. We can…

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