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Modern Parenting Using Technology To Give Kids the Best Possible Start in Life

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Around 76% of parents make use of smart technology to help with parenting, according to research by Asurion. Given that technology can be used to further enhance the lives of children, it is important that the parents be aware of which particular gadgets can help. To this end, what fine pieces of technology can give kids the best possible start in life and maybe help with parenting as well?

Video Baby Monitors

A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that babies sleep less and do not get proper rest if they sleep in the same room as their parents. This is why experts recommend that parents prepare a nursery for their newborns. What can parents do to fight any anxiety and worry when they no longer have their baby within plain sight? That’s where video baby monitors come in. Baby monitors with video enable parents to actually see their child without having to be there to disrupt their restful sleep. Rest, as pediatricians say, is what newborns really need to develop better habits later on.

Interactive Apps

As the child grows out of infancy and into being a toddler, their development needs a bit of help from mom and dad. Technology can help parents with that through interactive apps. Some very helpful ones include Baby Piano and I Hear Ewe. These mobile apps are available across different platforms and offer parents an opportunity to cultivate the cognitive development of their child. Interactive apps retain the attention of the child and help them develop critical skills like retention and pattern formation. These skills are important foundations for later learning.

Light and Sound Machine

The environment that infants experience in the womb is not quiet in the least. In fact, the hum of the mother’s body can reach 80 to 90 decibels, says Kitty Lascurain of The Spruce. Once out of the womb, infants are bothered by the sudden lack of background noise and this causes stress and lack of sleep. A light and sound machine can help address this issue. Parents can program the smart machine to play certain sounds at particular times. Once the child is older, light and sound machines can be utilized as teaching tools as they can be programmed with kid tunes for activity time.

There is no denying the fact that technology will continue to play a significant part in the lives of parents and their young children. Instead of fighting the trend, it’s ultimately better to embrace it. When parents are on the same page regarding the use of technology, they are better poised to help guide their children in using future technology in their academics.

-Karoline Gore


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