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What are the best online tutoring websites in the United States?

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Covid Pandemic has affected our lives severely. It has exposed the broken education system. A centralized system creates only job seekers rather than problem solvers and entrepreneurs. This corrupted system is not just engraved in schools but in institutions, bureaucrats, and activists working in the educational sector.  

It has led to changes in our learning preferences. The revolution in education has seen the rise of online tutoring services across the globe. Many educators turned entrepreneurs are working to improve the educational curriculum and learning standards. They are building interactive platforms that help the students understand any concept visually. Their vision is simple: create problem solvers. 

Here we have curated a list of the 5 best online tutoring websites in the United States. The list is created based on adaptive learning methods, updated curriculum, Visual platform, and simplicity in teaching provided by online tutoring platforms. 

1. Vnaya 

Vnaya Img 1 

Most prefer online tutoring services in the United States. They are like online schools for K-12 students. They are so affordable that a one-hour tutoring session starts at $7-8 per day. Vnaya is teaching 2500+ topics of many subjects with 400+ experienced tutors. They are offering 1-on-1 live online tutoring. Every student has a different natural learning style. Vnaya understands it and prepares a customized curriculum to cater to their learning pace. They are also offering Coding, GRE, SLAT, and IELTS classes. You can take their one-hour free demo class or Live chat with Online Tutor. Their tutors are very specialized and accomplished in their respective subjects.  

Vnaya has a strict tutor hiring process. First, tutors must go through interviews, subject expert tests, and demo rounds. After selection, They will monitor Content delivery, Lesson Planning, Verbal Proficiency, Student Tutor interaction, Problem handling, Whiteboard usage, and feedback generation. After a proper Audit process, the tutors will be trained on content delivery, verbal proficiency, Use of tools, Session launching & Closing, Product knowledge, Etc. Through this process, your child will get a professional subject matter expert and an accountable tutor. Also, children’s success relies on a Good tutor management platform, Training & monitoring of tutors, and professional responsibility. 

Why Choose Vnaya? 

  • 24*6 online classes with flexible schedules. 

  • Highly trained and Professional Tutors.  

  • Highly interactive and student-friendly learning tools with a whiteboard feature. 

Benefits of using Vnaya 

  • Weekly online assessments with monthly report cards. 

  • Guaranteed academic progress for your child. 

  • Dedicated academic counselor and Parent counseling leader. 

2. eTutorWolrd  

Vanay img 2

eTutorWorld is one of the top online tutoring websites in the United States. They are teaching K-12 students through the most sophisticated learning techniques. The techniques prepare their mind to be scientific and analytical. It even prepares the students for tests like SCAT, MAP, SSAT, SAT, ACT, Etc. They are affordably offering all learning packages. To optimize for a better learning environment, the platform has created a Learning by Design methodology. The methodology is developed through continuous experiments and tests to enhance learning and guarantee success.  

To experience their tutoring, your child can attend the first free lesson. The free lesson has a “Learning by design” assessment. The assessment will help to identify a child's improvement areas, competencies, and learning styles.  After that, Their experienced tutors will develop a personalized tutoring curriculum. It handpicked a tutor for your child. The student can take an online tutoring session at any time. They can schedule any session to suit your comfort. Maybe one session a day or 3 sessions a week. Whatever suits you.  

Why Choose eTutorWorld?  

  • Curated and Personalized learning materials. 

  • Personalized 1-on-1 live online tutoring. 

  • Guaranteed progress with regular feedback. 

Benefits of using eTutorWorld  

  • Learning by Design methodology to improve learning. 

  • Convenient Learning Space and flexible schedules.  

  • Free Worksheets and Test Preparation.  

3. TutorMe  

Vnaya img 3

Many students are intelligent and bright in education. They just lack the ability to express their knowledge in writing. TutorMe has solved the issue with “Writing Lab.” It can evaluate your academic writing and essays within 12 hours. They also give feedback on improving your writing skills.  

Along with writing, this fast-paced online tutoring service platform offers high-quality tutors across 300 subjects. It is only possible if you have teachers from Ivy League colleges. But TutorMe is one step ahead. They are so invested in training and evaluating their tutors that only 4% are selected for tutoring. What's more shocking is you can hire any tutor in 30 seconds. 

TutorMe, with its award-winning Lesson Space, built a virtual platform to initiate face-to-face collaboration through live audio/video chat. It creates a learning environment and a productive setting among children. Their sole focus is to give in-depth education and clear the subject's doubts. You can ask even the slightest doubt about science, math, or any topic. All the lessons are taught through a whiteboard classroom and visual content. TutorMe records and archives every session so you can rewatch it again. 

Why Choose TutorMe? 

  • 1-on-1 personalized on-demand tutoring sessions. 

  • Ivy league college graduated Tutors. 

  • 24*7 doubt-solving sessions and a book library. 

Benefits of using TutorMe 

  • Multiple learning tools like code editor, scientific calculator, & Video Chat. 

  • Paper or essay reviews and Test Preparations. 

  • Teaching various subjects like Computer science, Engineering, Science, Math, Etc. 

4. Wyzant  

Vnaya blog 4

Like Vnaya, Wyzant has developed a one-on-one private interactive platform for K-12 students. You can hire in-person tutoring as well as an online tutoring service. They have a rigorous procedure for hiring tutors. The procedure has given them 65,000+ excellent tutors who are teaching 300+ subjects across the globe. They have subjects like coding and accounting to make you advanced and skilled. They have taught 1 million+ lesson in 2021. 

To get tutored: 

  • Search for a tutor on their platform. 

  • Choose from multiple options based on credentials and other students' feedback. 

  • Message your desired tutor to start a conversation. 

  • To take the conversation further, use the App. 

  • Book your first lesson for free if you still don't find one. 

Wyzant has decentralized the system where you can choose to learn from any teacher worldwide. The tutors can teach you in your home. You can opt for a background check of your tutor. Wyzant is easily accessible and affordable for you. 

Why Choose Wyzant? 

  • Qualified instructors with in-depth subject expertise. 

  • An expert team analyzes your learning style and creates a customized tutoring plan. 

  • Ask unlimited queries to any subject experts through a forum. 

Benefits of using Wyzant 

  • Free learning materials and Question asking forum. 

  • No Subscriptions. Pay only for the lesson you will attend. 

  • Clean interface browser app and learning tools like whiteboard screen, code editor, and session recording.  


5. Varsity Tutors  

Vnaya blog img 5

Varsity Tutors is not just another online tutoring service. They are an institution of student development themselves. Varsity tutors teach complex subjects to 6+ grade students, such as business, Languages, Math, Science, Tech, Engineering, computer science, and Economics. K-5 students have phonics, writing, Reading, and study skills. For overall development, children need soft skills such as communication, languages, Music, Art, etc. they have all of them.  

With 3000+ subjects and 40,000 tutors, they offer learning resources, practical science experiment classes, test preparation, and homework. The students can join their free star courses to learn about wildlife conversation, Global calamities, rocket propulsion fundamentals, Forensic lab experiments, and many more. Their platform offers super interactive classes with multiple learning tools and adaptive teaching methods. If you are worried about your child’s overall development, I suggest Varsity Tutors. 

Why Choose Varsity Tutors? 

  • The academic curriculum is designed for overall student development. 

  • 1-on-1 Personalized Online Tutoring 

  • Super rich and high-quality visual content is available with various subjects, such as Advanced Math, Rocket science, Coding, Financial literacy, Etc. 

Benefits of using Varsity Tutors 

  • Regular practice modules and adaptive assessment. 

  • Test preparations for NCLEX, ACT & SAT, GRE, and many more. 

  • 66 free learning apps with particular subjects. 


Online tutoring services are beneficial for the continuous progress monitoring of your child. These platforms provide multiple test assessments and monthly report cards to analyze your child’s educational growth. Besides that, they are advanced, convenient, and affordable compared to traditional tutors. Visual content and 1-on-1 live tutoring will improve the learning capabilities and examination grades. We have listed all the websites according to their overall offerings. You can choose anyone according to your requirements. 



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