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Is Online Tutoring good for Children?

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Many Children need Personalized Tutoring to help them grasp knowledge very quickly. Tutors describe different subjects by simplifying complex topics. Post-Covid Pandemic, Online Tutoring has gained momentum with the need for expert tutors.


You cannot ask your doubts in school about your mediocre teachers. Neither teacher will evaluate your performance correctly with 30 students in class. That’s why People prefer Online Tutoring.


But Questions remain. Is Online Tutoring good for children? Can students be able to understand and cooperate with tutors? Is it too expensive to opt for Online tutoring? Let’s find the answers to see what’s best for your child.


How does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring services

Online tutoring involves a student connecting with a tutor through a virtual learning platform like Vnaya. Tutors provide academic support and help them with their studies. This can include help with homework assignments, test preparation, and other academic support.


The tutor uses various teaching methods, such as showing videos or providing interactive lessons, to help the student understand the material. Online tutoring can be a flexible and convenient way for students to get the help they need to succeed in their studies.


Is it Beneficial to opt for Online tutoring for Children?

There are several benefits to online tutoring for children, Such as


  1. Students receive personalized instruction from the comfort of their own homes, which is especially helpful for children who have difficulty learning in a traditional classroom setting.
  2. It allows for a more flexible schedule, so children can learn at their own pace and on their own time.
  3. Online tutoring can provide access to a wider range of educational resources and tutors, especially beneficial for children with specialized learning needs.
  4. Online tutoring can be more cost-effective than in-person tutoring since it eliminates the need for transportation and other costs associated with in-person tutoring.


7 Reasons Why Online Tutoring is best for your Child

1. Access to expert tutors

In Schools, You cannot choose your teachers based on their expertise. They are assigned to you, But Online Tutoring platforms have many experienced tutors to choose from. Your child can be matched with a tutor with the expertise and knowledge to help them succeed in their subject.


This ensures that your child is receiving high-quality education from qualified professionals. They have a variety of study materials to improve learning ability and academic performance.

2. Affordable

Online tutoring is often more affordable than in-person tutoring. You don’t need to spend on transportation and expensive tools. The platforms like Vnaya already have experienced tutors with inexpensive sessions.


Their sessions cost just $6-7/hour compared to $30/hour of in-person tutoring. That’s 80% cheaper than any other tutoring platform. It is an extremely accessible option for families with limited budgets.

3. Improved Grades

Online tutoring can help your child to improve their grades and academic performance. This can boost your child’s confidence and help them to excel in school. It increased the chances to earn scholarships and other opportunities.


Online tutoring can provide access to a wider range of tutors and subject experts who can offer specialized support in specific areas. Overall, online tutoring can be a valuable supplement to traditional classroom learning and help students achieve better grades.

4. Increased Accountability

You can easily track the progress of your child through Online tutoring. Parents and tutors can review the recorded sessions and frequent tests & quizzes to examine the child’s performance.


It gives motivation to students to take regular feedback from their tutors. It helps students to identify their strengths and areas for improvement for themselves. They can develop a problem-solving attitude through Online tutoring.

5. One-on-One Attention

Online tutoring allows your child to receive One-on-One attention from their tutor. The tutors can tailor their teaching to your child’s needs and learning style. This can help your child better understand and retain the material being taught.


The Child receives personalized instructions and support, which keeps engagement and motivation in their studies. It creates a more engaging and interactive learning environment. The education becomes more interesting with access to doubt-solving sessions and educational tools.

6. Enhanced Self Learning

Education is not just for tutors. Even students need to take the initiative to learn different subjects. Online tutoring evokes self-learning and takes responsibility for their studies and homework.


The child will actively participate in their learning, encouraging self-directed exploration and discovery. With a variety of practice problems and study guides, students can self-assist themselves to ensure the best test scores.

7. Flexibility

Flexible schedules are created to fit your child’s needs and preferences. The child will be taught at a convenient time which helps them to focus better and retain information. This allows students to learn at their own pace and improve their study skills.

Overall curriculum and session frequency are also customized to achieve the child's maximum potential. The personalized instruction is received from the comfort of their own house. It saves time and money.

Final Note

Online tutoring can provide students with additional educational support outside the classroom. It can benefit students who may not have access to traditional in-person tutoring or prefer to learn in an online environment.


Overall, the effectiveness of online tutoring will depend on various factors, including the quality of the tutoring platform and the qualifications and experience of the tutors.





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