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In today’s world we all are connected through technology and with one-click or touch, we are able to accomplish a lot of things. With the advancement of technology online tutoring is becoming revolutionizing the education sector as a whole. It is not only adding efficiency to our productivity everyday but also providing us access to the best of educational services from the comfort of our own spaces. With one click students are able to get connected with the best of teachers and subject matter experts get an incomparable exposure to wider aspects of their curriculum and subject topics. Our classes focus on the basics and practical approach so it becomes easy for students to understand things reasonably. Live tutoring classes schedules are built to exercise flexibility to a greater extent. As per the convenience of the students, they can join classes and get help from the teachers to solve specific queries in a customized fashion. 

Below mentioned are some major benefits of online tutoring:

Selection of Subject and Class Timings: Students have the freedom to choose their subject as per their interest or the subject they want to work more upon. They can also choose the timing for their class as per their convenience. This makes online classes more flexible and comfortable. Students can learn whatever and whenever they want to.

White Board and Interactive Tools:  Online classes offer a highly user-friendly & intuitive whiteboard with media sharing. This makes online classes more interactive and appealing. There are many tools and with one click things get done. With all these tech facilities, students are able to thoroughly enjoy their online classes.

Learn from Experts and Unlimited Access: Through online classes students learn from the best of experienced subject matter experts. Students also get access to unlimited and varied study material resources for free after completing the registration formalities.

Self Paced Learning and Progress Report: Online classes focus on individual learning process and pace. No one is in a hurry to finish the lesson and move on. A student can take his/ her time to clear all concept related doubts. There is also a progressive assessment to keep the track of the learning milestones. Parents and students have access to see these reports and share their feedback too. 

Comfort and Low Cost: One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is that one can access world-class education services in their own comfort zone without wasting time. Get in touch with experts and famed tutors from the comfort of home. Online tutoring is very cost-effective as compared to the traditional way of dedicated one on one physical teaching.

At Vnaya, we focus on students’ personal growth in terms of gained knowledge. There is time to time class assessments and evaluations. There are weekly and monthly reports for parents where they can see the particulars of the learning process of their kids. We provide 1 on 1 live online tutoring class as per the student level and curriculum. Amidst school closures and social distancing due to COVID-19, our online classes are the perfect and much needed way to engage kids from the comfort of their own homes. We are providing the best and most effective online tutoring services from grades K to 12. So what are you thinking? To know more, pick your subject and register for a free demo class now!