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Benefits of Learning Coding!!

It is very often believed that programming; coding, web app and software development are limited to genius minds only. Let us debunk the so-called myth here for you today; everything is difficult until it is unknown to us. Coding is just the same, rather to begin with, it really is simple and interesting. Prior to beginning to learn coding, it is essential to have a little rendezvous with its meaning, utility and importance.

Coding is the language that the computer can understand. So through coding we can communicate with computer. We can give commands to perform various tasks. Computer cannot think, it can just follow our instructions by acquiring them in the form of coding and deliver output which we see in perceivable form. Programmes are written through coding and these are reflected on screen in a relative readable form and hence this becomes a key to facilitate our work. There is great importance of coding as directly or indirectly we are utilizing software and apps in our businesses or in daily routine like transaction of money, paying bills, using social media platform, shopping apps, playing video games, accounting, recording and many more digital applications. Thus, coding has a much wider range of applications than one can imagine.

Utility of coding language in different fields

Coding languages are computer programming languages, on which users work by giving instructions and retrieving output. There are mainly 12 programming languages, out of them main languages are:

 C++ is middle level programming language which is used to fabricate data structure; it is used to develop application software based on graphic user interface. C++ is also used to develop online games, animations, and visual effects and support multiplayer programming.

Java is used for the android applications, it is utilized to create environment for internet. It has purely objected oriented paradigm.

HTML is Hypertext Mark-up Language. It is used to create a webpage, web documentation, responsive images as well as client side storage.

SQL structured query language, it is generally used to create, fabricate, retrieve and update database.

Python is also high level programming language aims at helping programmer to write clear and logical codes for projects. It is used to develop web applications, graphic users interface and software development application. It allows user to work on the site by providing responsive and dynamic environment.

  • Career potentialities:

The most obvious reason to learn coding is to choose a much dignified and highly paid career option. Day by day we are accelerating in technology and digitalization, coders and programmers have to combat different hurdles and problems while creating web apps, programmes and websites for different purposes, there will never be saturation in the field of programming, app creation and software development. Thus learning coding will divert you to a perfect and highly diversified career line. Businesses and organisations now a days are based on software designs and executed through web apps as digitalisation offers optimizing so many aspects of daily life.

  • Enables the kids to think out of the box:

Kids love solving puzzles and coding is just like arranging and creating codes to arrive at a perfect conclusion by forming a workable programme. It inculcates creativity in kids when they try to learn codes and use different ways to create a programme. Kids become very explorative while learn coding. Coding can be learnt by exploring various online coding classes for kids. Here you can learn coding at any stage, the most shouted advantage of learning coding through online classes is to clear all the doubts and acquire unlimited drilling of coding languages. As the kid learns how to code, right from the beginning he tries to utilize every bit of knowledge and ideas to create different things in the form of programmes, he begins to think differently and creatively before coming to any conclusion.

  • Relevant to other subjects:

Learning coding process can be associated with other subjects too. In coding kids used to try alternate ways to solve a problem by breaking it in parts and analysing each part then render to a certain conclusion, it becomes their habit and in other subjects like mathematics and science they used to apply same principle for solving problems. Thus coding facilitates problem solving skill in kids. They learn to recognize pattern of problem and assume it through different aspects. This process can be utilized in other fields like mathematics and science also.

  • Enhance computational ability:

Coding activated cognitive domains and helps in enhancing the brain functionality, one of the major advantages of coding is to enhance computational skill which is much required in triggering the mental processes. It induces abstract as well as critical thinking in kids. It is sole duty of parents to guide their kids and make them to focus on right skills, so that they can utilize their unlimited talent and skill acquiring capacity in right way. Learning how to code right from the beginning can give them a direction to their though processes and career. Learning to code helps the users to deal with mathematics problems and accounting.

  • Channelize thought processes:

Coding is very effective way to channelize the capabilities, efficiency as well as talent of the kids in a lucrative way. For that here are so many programming classes and online coding classes for kids are executed, from where millions of kids are learning much required language coding. Young generation is very energetic and potent to do anything at this time it is very essential to channelize their energy and calibre in right direction.

Every one might heard about the youngest programmer Mohammad Hamza Shahzad who at the age 7 years become computer programmer by learning coding. There are more such amazing examples of kids who have created wonders in many fields with their capabilities and skills. It’s the time for parents to act smart and explore effective opportunities for kids to grow smarter.

  • Relevancy to life :

As the new technology prevails in world, coding has emerged as the most desirable even out of the tech world skill. It has great impact on life too. Coding trained the mind of the users to think creatively and innovatively. It helps in self-improvement and self-management. This is how the coding turns from the field of specialization to the life utility skills. Coding learning process inculcates the habit of drilling mind till the desired results cannot be achieved. Solving the problems by dividing it in small chunks, observe it with every aspect and then deliver a comprehensive shape makes it easier to resolve and solve, this is what coding imparts during skill building processes.

  • Learning from mistakes

Learning from seeking and blundering is the most effective way to create everlasting memories. From a consistent performance there must be improvement. Through coding kids learn to improve very efficiently. They try until their objective is not reached. They learn how to code – a workable programme for own computer and patiently innovate alternate ways to create an effective programme. When a kid learns from mistake, that things will retain for long time in his mind.  Skill of learning coding facilitates learning by doing and learning from mistakes. Online coding classes for kids deliver vast opportunity to clear the concepts by practicing again and again.

  • Impact on social behaviour

Learning to code has great impact on kid’s social life to. It helps them to stay connected with each other. While learning programing kids come to know about various digital ways to be socialized and connected to the world. That helps them in long run to amplify their skills and create web applications as well as websites stay connected globally. They can create a platform with their profile and share their interests, beliefs and magnetize the people with same qualities altogether. Coding thus influence social behaviour very progressively.

  • Dignity through learning and implicating

Learning to code and implicating them in practice reflects our idea and vision. Kids when innovating new ideas and give them shape that enhances their self-confidence and they feel dignified as well as valuable. They will be self-motivated to excel in specific field. Learning how to code empowers the kid internally. Learning coding skill enables you to tackle any technical problem. You will feel confidence when you will create your own website and work on it according to your schemes and ways. Website creation, web app development and software developments are prevalent fields which need expert and capable coders. Implicating coding skill and making it workable is really an achievement and great contribution to technology and world.


There are countless benefits of learning coding and implicating it in right way. Coding has great impact on learner’s life even out of the technical world. Learning coding skill provides better career opportunities to learners. In this technically advanced era where technology is proliferating with great speed, there arises a great demand of talented coders and programmers to innovate and invent advanced apps that cater the needs of world. Learning new languages in it is very interesting and it definitely enhances your communication ability and learning language to communicate with a machine is really exciting and overwhelming. In this competitive world where technology is everything, learning to code takes you above competitors. It is the demand of the time to learn technical skills, be sound as far as knowledge acquisition is concerned and improve ones’ ability to and communicate with the greatest man made machine- the computer.