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ACT Strategies for Scoring High!!!!

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If you want to succeed in something then you ought to do one thing right and that is hard work. But this generation is not only about working hard, it’s about working smart as well. And that’s because, now, the strategies to test the abilities of candidates have changed significantly. ACT stands for American College Testing, which is a test conducted in the U.S. to select worthy students for different colleges. The test is a multiple-choice questionnaire that has no negative marking for wrong answers. The scope of this test is not only limited to the U.S. as the test is also accepted in 225 colleges worldwide as well.

To understand how we can ace the ACT, we first need to understand the criteria on which the students are tested.

The ACT will test you on for following:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Reading
  4. Reasoning

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And to nail the test you will need to work upon it strategically.

# Long start your preparation

English, as we all know, has a vast vocabulary ranging from Latin to Greek words and from French to German. So, to cram everything in a day is not only impossible but too bad an idea! Rather than that one can try reading a newspaper and picking out unknown words. Once you find out the words, look for their different meanings and work them up in your daily conversations. Make a record day on day and you’ll be amazed to find that soon, you’ll have created a thesaurus of your own.

For example, a sample sentence such as: “I feel an utter rush of happiness when I am with family” can be changed as “The felicity of living with family is incomparable”.  Definitely the latter sounds and expresses much better.

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# No negatives, no blank answers

Normally, competitive exams have a negative score for each answer that is marked wrong but the best part of ACT is that this is not a rule here. It means you can answer any question, without thinking of negative marking. if you are lucky enough, your fluke might fetch you a mark rather. But when you don’t know the answer how will you take a good guess? For that try one of the following:

  1. Take an educated guess i.e. try finding the closest answer that makes sense. Now, this would also be your first guess, but here’s the thing, all multiple-choice questions look the same. Which n turn proves that there’s no substitute for hard work!

  2. Try elimination method i.e. try to find out the oddest answer and mark it. Now try to find out the answer that is 2nd oddest or quite similar to the first one. As you know, there is only one right answer so only one answer should make sense and others are to be eliminated.

# Time Management

This is first and foremost because time is the most crucial aspect of all. Divide your time for each section and try to leave some time for revision. That revision time can also be used to solve those questions that you might have left to skip to the next section. Without good management of time, it might happen that you leave questions undone because the time ran out. Practice mock test at home and see how much time you need to complete one section.

# Peace Management

After sitting for a while solving questions you might feel a series of emotions ranging from the frustration of solving problems to the guilt of not studying a particular set of the unit. At that time, you need to consolidate yourself and focus on what’s going on in the present. To some, this might seem an absurd thing but it makes the most sense. Try not to panic if you are unable to solve a problem. The whole test is full of problems; there are some problems that are ready, sitting there to be solved by you. Just try and attempt with calmness and composure.

To conclude, these methods can help you ace ACT but keep one thing in mind, that you can only win if you are prepared well enough. If you have not studied well then there is nothing that these tricks will do for you. So make some time and study hard for the exam if you want to get selected in a good college. Competition, we all know, is a constant rising factor. If you want to stand out then you will have to take things in your hand and be responsible for preparing well. Once you get into a good college, you can make and create your own destiny. SO let it be worth the effort and take help of resources both online as well as offline to fair well in ACT.

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