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Up to 90% of students never get the grades they are capable of getting.

And PARENTS are the only one who can ensure that their child gets the support that leads to success.

Learning skills are the foundation of all learning. They make learning possible. Without these skills, children struggle to learn, underachieve in school and never reach their full learning potential.

Children need to learn how to learn. They need to develop basic learning skills that allow them to learn anything, anywhere, anytime.

Our free online assessment helps parents discover their child’s learning skills so that they can help him or her develop those that are missing or weak and help their child reach his or her full learning potential, succeed in school and have a life full of opportunities and happiness.

Based upon specific needs of your child’s education, we provide appropriate support through our online education products & services. is an online virtual learning and counseling platform for your educational, informational, career & counseling purposes.

Our mission

  • To ensure that every child gets the education they need and deserve.
  • To help children develop the skills they need to manifest their highest potential as human beings
  • To do this in partnership with parents who have a vital role to play in helping children be successful in school
  • To give students access to quality education and parents access to quality information and advice is a Brand owned by E Online Tutors Inc, a company incorporated in the state of Georgia, USA.

This company was created with one critical aim in mind and that is to add value in the existing education system & become world’s most Trusted online education company. Our promise to you – ” We will do all we can to ensure you and your child get the education that leads to success in school and in life”.



Dr. Patricia Porter

Dr. Porter, an expert in children’s learning, has developed a research-based methodology on which
our online counselling is based. She has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of British
Columbia, Canada, and a Master of Education from the University of Birmingham, U.K. and has
many years of experience as a school teacher in both Canada and the U.K.

Dr. Porter developed the Porter Diagnostic Learning Assessment Process (Porter Process TM) for
parents who want their children to do better at school and in their learning. The process pinpoints
the underlying reasons for a child’s underperformance and provides proven, practical steps parents
can use immediately to improve their child’s learning ability.


Tarun Uppal
CEO & Co founder

Founder and CEO of E-Online Tutors, Tarun started his entrepreneurial journey after completing his
Bachelors in Business Administration in 2003 with a BPO, and in 2005 he started Creed Infotech in India
and in USA. Tarun has worked extensively for decades in International market in BPO,KPO & Education.

After having done various projects for international clients, Tarun launched E-online tutors to create a
global service to address the problem of slow and unfocussed growth of a child and help parents in
solving this challenge by empowering them with Knowlede equipped with technology and science.
Tarun oversees the day to day operations at Vnaya and the technology and scientific approach in
delivering education using virtual class room.


Roohi Uppal
COO & Co founder

Roohi is the co-founder of Eonlinetutors. She did her MBA in Finance and Marketing from Institute of
Management Studies, Himachal Pradesh University.

Roohi’s eminent marketing and sales experience also includes various roles at leading companies as
RBS, Aviva and Thomas Cook. She brings with herself enriched experience of corporate profiling,
financial planning and corporate PR, which is an added advantage to the current role in her own
business where she aims at creating value in each person’s life that they touch in their business


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