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A Quick Introduction to Homeschooling!!!!!

“The idea is to educate, not follow anyone’s schedule about when something should be studied.”  – Ray Drouillard

Homeschooling is a model to educate children in a school setting yet under the guidance and care of their parents. It is the parents who decide what the child should learn and how it is to be taught, but, keeping in within the ambit of one of the educational boards’ governing that country. 

An alternative educational system “The homeschooling” stands in opposition to private and public schools. It has emerged because of the dissatisfaction among many, in the modern industrialized system of education, to cater to children’s special needs and unique requirements. Concerns about the school environment, dissatisfaction in the delivery with instructions has become a major reason for the parent’s choice for homeschooling.

Today’s home schooling movement

Reflecting back in history, we see that educational theorist, John Holt regards formal schooling as oppressive and damaging towards a child’s wellbeing. Holt propagated that early schooling was detrimental to children and that children should be schooled at home until the age of eight or nine to provide them with a firm educational, psychological, and moral foundation. It also liberates children to follow their own interests and develop a new goal and vision to pursue.

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Today’s home school has wide range of curriculum, distance learning programme and online resources to choose and groom your kids. The philosophy of John Holt is gaining momentum with time and development in technology.

How homeschooling works

Before beginning with homeschooling for your kids, get yourself equipped with your state’s regulations for homeschooling. Various homeschooling programs would guide you in selecting the best model for your kids.

Traditional homeschooling requires lot of parent’s involvement for a period of time where the parents purchase curriculum that fits their child’s needs and their teaching style. The parents should be actively involved in keeping record, tracking credits and master what their children need succeed. On finding it difficult you can share the responsibilities with expert advice and directions that can be sought from various online or physical tutoring services.

Introduction of homeschooling

Online homeschooling program qualifies for a great option highly appreciated by families which enable them to groom their child with the ever-evolving skill set of the new century. Home school programs have pre-recorded videos or online resources that students can watch and re-watch until they understand and learn the content. Online tutors are available to guide and direct your kids and help them prepare well.

What’s the future prospect of homeschooling?

With decline in the quality of private and public schools, parents are turning to homeschooling in record numbers. Homeschooling strengthens the family bond by keeping them together at a fundamental level, permits teaching of decent and correct moral and religious principles, and provides an opportunity for academic progress consistent with individual child’s perseverance and ability. Fortunately, with the technological development and revolution in computer costs which has made education easily accessible. Students can seek online help wherever they feel the need. More over an academic growth of a student is a personal activity between the students and the books. All children need high quality educational material, good study environment and excellent study habits. Children should be provided with the keys which in turn would unlock wonderful lives for hundreds of millions of children and can assure a great future for the world.

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With our fast-paced lives, time has become an asset and we cannot afford to waste it.  The emergence of online schools makes the students and parents more flexible and they no longer require travelling long distances just to get to the school. They are empowered to enroll for courses online and complete these courses at their own convenience from the comfort of their own homes. With the help of technology, flexibility in terms of delivering, class education has achieved new heights. Students who weren’t able to access a good education on account of geographical constraints can now access some of the best teachers and qualified staff to help them get the quality education they deserve.

On account of these benefits homeschooling continues to grow and it has been increasingly seen as an acceptable alternative to impart education.  A number of families have adopted homeschooling for neither pedagogical nor religious reasons but rather for individual pragmatic reasons, including concerns about bullying or the poor quality of local schools. Home schooling definitely does not limit itself to be an out of the box idea at this age, rather is an option that many are happily adopting!