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A Beginner’s Guide: Meditation for Students

When you think that you are losing hope, getting angry, zoning out or unsure about yourself, the only answer to get rid of all is meditation. Using mindfulness to emotionally calm and clear your mind by engaging you in activities or thoughts is known as Meditation. Meditation is getting popular day by day irrespective of age and race as people are discovering it to be useful for their health. Meditation can be used to increase awareness about yourself and your environment. People use it as a stress reducer and to build up concentration power. It is also used as a positive attitude builder, for self- discipline, healthy sleeping habits and as an increase for pain tolerance. 

As students are constantly worried about their studies and grades, meditation can help a lot for them to attain peace and reduce stress. Meditating constantly can help them to get an improved sense of presence, calm, attentiveness as well as increased human values such as empathy, patience and confidence. Students can get the power of meditation and have a stress free learning period. In the beginning, meditating will be boring for the students but as they will get used to it in some, time then they can see the benefits of it in no time. Students need to take out some time everyday to practice meditation to make the most of it. If students think, why do they need to meditate? How will it help them? Will meditation make them concentrate on studies? Here is the answer to all the questions that come to the students’ mind.

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  1. Increases IQ level:

Everyone has a smart side hidden inside themselves. Students who meditate on a regular basis tend to have higher concentration power than the rest. It also helps them to overcome their anxiety because of studies and it makes their brain function more efficiently than before.

Meditating on a regular basis has a positive effect in raising a person’s IQ level. Continuous meditation makes a person more intelligent, creative and confident. Improvement lies in creativity and hence, meditation can help students to be more creative and grasp things and retain it.

  1. Reduction in Depression and Anxiety:

Depression and anxiety are the blocking stones in a student’s learning process. It creates disruption when exam dates are near or when they have academic pressure. With regular meditation, students can take care of depression and anxiety. It will not only help them to excel in the academics but also will reduce their stress level. It will also create a sense of alertness and resistance in their mind during their exams.

  1. Better Focus:

Meditation makes the mind calm and the calm achieved through it can make students focus on their studies better. According to a study, a calm mind through meditation has 50% less of stress, anxiety and depression. It creates a positive reaction in their mind and makes the students’ mind focus more on their work.

  1. Brain Integrity and Efficiency:

Meditating on a regular basis can make the students’ brains sharper than before. It also helps the students to be more harmonious. Meditation can make a change in a person’s brain’s area of emotions and behavioral change. These changes have a positive impact on the students’ cognitive and intellectual performance. At the same time, it also increases their efficiency to perform better.

  1. Elongated Attention Period:

The mind can not focus on a thing for long, it will get distracted after an hour or few minutes. With the help of meditation, students can make their mind stick to work for a longer time i.e. their focus time increases than before.

As a student, they can sometimes find themselves zoning out or absenteeism but with the help of meditation, they can solve their issues as it reorients and helps to maintain attention for a longer period. It also helps the students to have lower levels of behavioral incidents and suspensions.

  1. Fight Against Addiction:

Meditation helps you to redirect a person’s attention as well as help them to increase their willpower. It also controls a person’s impulse and helps them to understand their addictive nature towards things. In this way, with meditation, a person can try to leave their addictions behind and focus on things which are important and right. It can also help a person to control their food cravings. It can help you to enjoy your life to the fullest as it is three times more effective than traditional ways to get rid of any addiction.

  1. Cheerful Character:

Students who meditate on a regular basis can feel a positive change in their character. They will be more cheerful, confident and lively than before. This positive change develops an ability to handle stress and shortcomings in life. It also helps them to be calm in a pressurized situation as the part of the brain shrinks when mediation is practised on a daily basis.

  1. Uncomplicated the Mind:

The mind of a student is full of complicated stuff such as academic performances, good grades, failure, insecurities, future, jobs, and many more. These things make it hard for them to be positive. With the help of meditation, students can get a clear mind.

Clarity is important to achieve anything in life. The students will get a structured and right way to find the solution of their problems with a clear mind.

  1. Improves Sleeping Patterns:

Many youngsters today are prey to insomnia, which is a troubling condition because of sleepless nights. Meditation triggers a relaxation response which helps the people to get proper sleep that they have been longing for.

For a student, relaxed sleep is necessary to learn things as it refreshes their mind every morning and makes it ready to grasp information without feeling tired. Meditation also improves the quality of sleep.

  1. Happy and Confident Students:

According to research, students who meditate are happier and more confidant. They also get good grades, are full of self-esteem and have emotional competence which makes it more receptive towards happiness.

For meditation, a student needs to find a perfect spot, sit in a comfortable position, clear their clogged mind, close their eyes and observe their breathing pattern. Meditation will help them to have a stress free, happy life. This way, students are less likely to get swept away by any distractions and lead a confident life.