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7 Questions you must ask while finding an Online tutor for your child:

I registered in a moment of urgency, never thought this urgency will lead to so much of disappointment…!

Hi folks,

If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is my personal experience with online tutoring services.

As my daughter was having trouble with chemistry and it was her top priority then. In a haze, I chose one tutoring service for her, but she could not match up with the tutor Because I didn’t check the background or anything of the tutoring service. I paid them heavy money for the sessions. For my daughter, It was more like an experience of an 8th-grade tutor teaching a 12th-grade kid.

Gradually her grades started decreasing.  It created a bad impact on her, the tutor was not that efficient to teach well and it was a sheer disappointment for me and my daughter. I am presenting my story because I don’t want you people to suffer  the same.  

It’s a matter of fact that you might get somebody for free or  with less fee, but I think in the long run you’ll find that if you don’t have a tutor that makes a fundamental connection with your child, then all the money that you have spent and all the time you have given to him will be wasted.

So, before you talk about money or anything else, talk to the tutor one on one.You need to get the sense of what that person is about, what sort of concerns they have, what they bring to the table as far as qualification, perspective goals and maturity goals they provide.

Once you establish this, that’s the right person to work with your child, and as I said it’s somewhere down the bottom of the list. it’s not about money always.

Ask whatever questions you feel are necessary to properly evaluate a tutor for you child When it comes to deciding a suitable tutor, who can be  the best fit for your child may seem mind boggling.

online tutor

“Asking an appropriate question can make the difference in choosing an online tutor for your child” .

Here are 7 questions that can lead you to the right choice:

1. Who will do the tutoring ?

While choosing for the online tutoring for your child, you must ensure that  a qualified tutor is one of the most important features when it comes to online tutoring. It’s important to make sure the tutors you select are experienced and good teachers.

Also look for the courses or subjects they are offering and is it up to your child’s requirements. Sometimes the tutor or the child has a problem with the language in which they will communicate, so both of them needs to overcome the language barrier as well.

2. How can it be beneficial for the child?  

When it comes to benefits which we can get out of the services, we choose to never compromise.

Basically, you need to make sure that what kind of benefits they are going to provide. For instance ; will the child start doing his homework on a regular basis?  Also, You need to check the resources provided by the online tutor to your child, will they match the learning style of the child for better understanding?

3. What will be the method of teaching?

You need to be sure about the method in which they provide proper live interactive sessions, one on one video sessions,skype or chat session.

Are photos, animations, diagrams and drawing being used for the classes? Please be sure of the setting, that works for your child’s learning need.  Also, see  that the focus of the tutor should be on one child at a time so that the child does not hesitate in discussing about the problems he will encounter in the concerned subject .   

4. Are the prices pocket-friendly ?

These days,tutoring service has become a critical to but it shouldn’t dig your pocket at the same time. So, Look for the company that should be highly effective and should give the impression that the company cares about effective learning.

Nowadays many of the company’s provide promotional offers,upgrade offer for the higher plans,look for the number of sessions they provide. Some of the tutoring services deliver 6 sessions a week. Many studies have shown that regular sessions are more effective and result in greater gains.

5. How does the tutoring service hire a tutor ?

Does the prospective tutor has experience in the subject they are going to teach? What sort of training has the tutor done? What is his qualification?  Do they see the availability and time slot of the tutor,subject preferences etc? The tutor should be as per the  learning need of the child.

6. Track record and success of the tutor ?

In order to see the progress of your child, first, you need to see the evidence for the success or track record of the tutor. keep  a check on few things such as:

  • Feedback and reviews from students and parents
  • Grades improvement
  • Test results

7. Do they have pause facility?

Tutors and Students are real people, and therefore,everything will not work according to the plan. Sometimes something comes up and either of them can’t make it, so you need to clarify about the pause policy.

Such as if the student wants to go on a vacation then, can they  put their account on pause and these sessions will be added to their account for later use.

“A lesson is an expert on one end of a log and a student on the other end”   Mark Twain

I hope this article will be helpful to you !!

       Good luck !!!


Swati Mishra

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