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5 Tips to help your child in Math Homework

Firstly we need to understand that are parents required to help their kids in homework??

math homework

I believe, parents need to inculcate the habit of doing Math homework and also exclude the fear of not doing homework in kids from the very beginning so that after certain age kids themselves understand the importance of homework. As far as parents help is required I would suggest let the kid try the homework himself and if he faces the problem then the parent can help. Here are some math homework tips:

1. Nothing can beat “Motivation”

The best way to help kids to do homework is to motivate them into studying by either visually or physically making them curious about homework. Providing them rewards, the token economy- Desirable targets can also be given to children on completion of homework to motivate them to do their math homework.


2. Let your child be responsible for his tasks

It’s like model performance by walking the talk. Sometimes the main component of tutoring is in seeing parents or siblings perform their tasks as well. Many children simply want to get back to free time. Make them realize that going through their work as fast as possible gets them quickly back to watching tv or playing with friends or video games. When it comes to homework, show your child that you are paying the bills or are doing something similar to what they are doing. As children do what they see.

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3. Teach them to learn-

Chances are that you just got home and started providing homework help to your child. It is going to be a challenge. The easiest thing to do is to give an answer to questions your child asks you. Sometimes the problem with giving the answer is that it’s similar to directly giving a fish, not teaching how to fish.

math homework

When your child asks a question, you should ask them what they know about the topic. Ask them few leading questions which can guide them to the answer further. This helps children develop critical thinking and the ability to solve problems when you’re not there to help.

4. Support the work done in school-

Try your best to reinforce what is being taught to him in class. This is particularly done when you’re providing math homework help to your child. Many of the parents try to get a shortcut while helping in homework. The shortcut you know may lead to the right answer, but it could be cutting down the lesson the teacher is trying to provide. If you’re not sure that how the lesson is being taught in school which can be often with common core math, you can ask the teacher for tools to help you assist your child.

5. Keep a check on critical thinking-

When you are acting as a reading tutor for your child, make sure you have some understanding of the material you’re reading because chances are that your kid may ask you. Many of the stories that your child will read are stories you have already read in your childhood. Refresh yourself with stories or try to get some kind of synopsis for stories you are not familiar with. Do this on daily basis so that you can have a conversation with your child.

math homework

Working with your child can be a rewarding activity. At times, however, you also might need someone outside of the home for tutoring. An outside agency can take pressure off from you and do your job. Find an online Math tutor or look for an organization that has the system that works best for your child.



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