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5 Essential Tips to help your Child Succeed in School

tips to help your child succeed in school

At Vnaya, we want the very best for the students and as parents, we‘re sure you want the same. A school is a foundation for every child, where they learn everything. It’s an institution designed for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. But this doesn’t end here, Parents play the pivotal role too.

We know that parents face situations where the child says ” Mom I don’t want to go to school, I don’t like studying perhaps child gets low scores because of this kinda attitude”  Here in this article we have come up with some great ideas, that are surely going to help your child succeed in school.


Here are 5 things that you can do to help your child succeed in school.

Number 5- Ensure a regular attendance-

To keep up with the fast-paced curriculum a teacher has to continue moving forward with their class, regardless of who’s absent. Every class builds on the previous so if your child misses one lesson, it creates a gap in their learning. When they return back to school they may feel lost.

tips to help your child succeed in school

Whenever your child takes an off, please make sure you ask for any homework given and ensure your child completes it before returning to school.

Number 4- Turn in all homework

Homework teaches pupils to work independently and it also helps the teacher pinpoint where e a pupil is facing difficulty. This is why it’s essential that all homework be completed by your child and turned in on time.

tips to help your child succeed in school

Number 3- Encourage your child with praise-

Your child’s self-esteem is important to their success, so praise them when they’re doing well and encourage them when they need it. They need to believe that they are succeeding and can succeed. This depends largely on what you say and how to say to them.

tips to help your child succeed in school

Number 2- Avoid multi-tasking

Some pupils believe they can follow the teacher and take notes at the same time or do their homework and watch TV, this approach does not work. Logically pupils can only give their full attention to one thing or the other, so encourage good study habits by having your child concentrates on one thing at a time. 

And number 1- Encourage reading

The foundation for success in school is good reading habits. Read with your child. As they get older, encourage them to read on their own and always try to set a good example by reading in their company. Make reading a fun thing you do together. Trust me it does work. All you need to do is Know the trick of making reading fun for your child

By following these 5 simple tips, you’re setting your child up for future success and they will help your child succeed in school. You may also

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