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5 Best Coding Languages for Kids to Learn

Coding is something that plays a great role in the academic curriculum of a student. Considering the idea of getting good scores with coding? Well learning another language is not the only benefit; computer programming is something that could even sharpen the brains of the kids to an extent that they begin to think logically to solve any problem that they come across apart from only academic.

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Delving more into the importance of the coding, it is essential that children should start working on learning to code from a young stage so that they can keep getting efficient at it. By learning to code, it doesn’t mean that your kids have to get on the edge of an unknown territory, but what is needed over here is to only step into the idea of breaking down the myth of coding which is usually perceived as being something that’s essential and requisite for computer programmers alone.  Naturally the process would be alike to learning any other new language by taking baby steps in the beginning. That’s how they would gain command on coding as well, which would keep them upbeat and challenged to learn further with interest and curiosity. Considering this, five best coding languages have been shortlisted here that can be introduced to the kids earlier than the others. They are:

  1. Python

Python is the programming language that is known to be read just like normal speech. The coder would rarely have to add any comments to the code as the Python code which is written well would read like the comments are already added to it. If your children are planning on learning to code, then it is necessary that they should have an idea about how they can think like a programmer. After working on Python, the students would not have many challenges left about learning how to program. The language would make them aware of the programming environment, giving them the needed idea about how to code by thinking logically. While working on this language, the kids would be able to know how to construct the programming ideas in their heads and then working on forming those ideas into the instructions which can be interpreted by the machine. Most of the common and necessary functionalities which are needed by the programmer would already be included in the language, making Python one of the great choices when the child decides to pick a language to learn.

  1. Ruby

For beginner programmers, Ruby can also be considered a great language to starting coding with. Because of the most readable syntax, it becomes easier for the coder to understand it and make logic in it. Thus, rather than spending a lot of time elaborating on the code which the students have to type, a lot of it would already be self-explanatory for the kids in the case of Ruby. It factor of Ruby is really important, especially for those who are still into the learning process of programming. At the end of the day, the students look forward to learning the concepts of programming to be able to write good scripts. Ruby is a popular language because of its robustness and it was used for creating Twitter. Thus, the students would be willing to learn a language that has been used in real-time for developing such a popular platform.

  1. Java

There’s no denying the fact that Java can be considered as a language that is a bit more difficult to learn and understand in comparison to Python or Ruby, but selecting Java to be the first-time language can be a step that could make the student efficient in learning and language that he would come across. There are many students who have the goals of creating their own websites or apps someday but they don’t have the right idea about where to start. Java is exactly the answer for them. Learning Java has become so easier these days with all the online resources, tutorials, and toolkits that have been available now. There can be some initial hurdles like installing JDK, gaining the knowledge about the working of the syntaxes, but moving further, it is the object-oriented setup of this programming language which has made it simpler for the students to progress in Java.

  1. C++

There are many developers and experts in computer science who have different opinions regarding whether a student should begin coding with C++ or not. This is because of the fact that this language looks like math which might make the kids lose their motivation to kids as many of them don’t have good feelings for math. But if the student is able to understand the basic fundamentals of C++, it helps in opening up the different doors of learning other languages easily too. Talking about most of the successful programmers known in today’s time, they started their journey of learning coding with C or C++ and kept on moving forward after that.

  1. Scratch

For the students who are interested in working on interactive stories, animations, or music, Scratch can be considered as a suitable language for them. Even though this language is suitable for children as it is quite simple, the language still has some functionality that even the experienced and qualified programmers prefer to use in this language. Not only this, but Scratch also tends to have an interactive community online where the people are able to share games and artwork with each other, showcasing their talents. This can be considered a great way to engage with others and gain the opportunity of learning from their talents and experience.

Coding is something that no student must ignore in today’s times. Although choices of the beginner language can be different for different students, one thing that would be common is that it would help them enter in their journey to be an efficient coder one day. Just make your kids choose any particular language with which they want to start their journey of coding with and keep them motivated to keep improving every day with their coding skills so that they can flourish as a programmer.