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10 Ways to take the Stress Off your Child

Take the stress out of exam time!!

Your child may already be taking end of year exams and it can be a very stressful time.  Students are studying hard and parents are doing all they can to support their child.

Exam Stress


Here are some ways to take the stress off your child, ways that you might not have thought about.

♦ Reduce or eliminate any other household chores. Give your children a break from personal responsibilities such as making lunch or doing the laundry.  Allow your child to use all his or her energy to study.  Students with part-time jobs should take a break during this time if they can.

♦ Prepare their favorite meals. Often students get into trouble by not eating properly.  And don’t expect your child to break off from studying to eat.  Offer him or her small treats while they are working.

♦ Students need breaks where they can de-stress. Don’t criticize your child for taking a break to watch their favourite shows.

♦ Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Studying through the night is never a good idea.  Your child needs to be fresh and alert to get good marks.

♦ Ask about their exam technique. How are they going to ha handle questions they don’t know the right answer.  Don’t make a big issue of this – just ask.  Your child might be grateful of some advice if he or she is faced with this situation.

♦ After the exam is finished give your child time to decompress. He or she will be exhausted and need time to get back into the ‘real world’.

♦ Do underplay the importance of exam results – even if you know they will have a big influence on your child’s future. Your child understands what is at stake – no need for you to add to the pressure they feel.

♦ Talk about your experience taking exams – what went right, what went wrong. Let your child know that he is not alone.

♦ Remember, these last few days are not crucial to your child’s success. Good exam results come from the work your child has been doing all year.  Too late to a make a difference now.

♦ You can prepare your child for next year’s exams by helping him understand how he learns best and what strategies he can use to increase learning. Talk to Vnaya about how you can do that.

Dr Patricia Porter

About Dr Patricia Porter

Dr. Patricia Porter holds a Ph. D from the University of British Columbia, a Masters Degree from Birmingham University, a Diploma in Special Education from the University of London and is a recipient of a Churchill Fellowship . She is a highly sought after international speaker, educator, and ambassador for maximizing children’s learning potential. Her Learning Skill Assessments are the first in the World to be offered free to all parents.

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