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10 Simple Ways to Tackle Math Problem!!

“How you approach math is much more important than how smart you are”

Math sharpens your power of reasoning and critical thinking,it is required for almost all the degrees. Recent study has shown that 87% of our self-talk is negative, how many of you have heard yourselves, when others say

         Why do we have this subject math?


           I am not good at math !!

How do you solve Math problems, that sounds really difficult, isn’t it ?

Here are 10 steps to understand or tackle Math problem a little bit better

How do they do it so easily are some of the questions many of us must have asked sometimes. Well,there are some ways and steps that you can always use in understanding math.

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Remember that math is a sequential subject so you need not memorize anything. It is important to have a firm understanding of the key concepts. The more you practice, the  more you understand along the way.


Math Problem

1. Understand every Definition:

First of all, it’s important to understand every definition that comes your way, definitions are just like vocabulary, the sooner you match the definition, the more you’ll be able to understand what you’re studying and more quickly you’ll be able to apply it.

For instance, if you take Estimation as an example :

This is the ability to make a good guess about the amount or size of something. This is very difficult for young children to do. You can help them by showing them the meaning of words like more, less, bigger, smaller, more than, less than.

Nolan (30 months) looked at the two bagels: one was a regular bagel, one was a mini-bagel. His dad asked: “Which one would you like?” Nolan pointed to the regular bagel. His dad said, “You must be hungry! That bagel is bigger. That bagel is smaller. Okay, I’ll give you the bigger one. Breakfast is coming up!”

2. Understanding various operations and how they are suppose to be solved: 

One of the most important things in math is operation and their order

Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction and some other operations are part of PEMDAS or “please excuse my dear aunt sally”

Of Course, It is to review your parentheses, again what that stands for the first exponent, second multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. The order of operations will always be used throughout every branch or portion of mathematics.

Math Problem

3. The use of math:

The sooner you’ll understand how math is applied in everyday life or in practical purposes then this more you’ll be able to appreciate and in turn, understand and relate to math more.

It’s almost impossible to through a day without using math anyways because our world is full of numbers.studying math provides you with tools to make sense of it all.

Suppose, you’ve decided to go out for dinner with friends. You placed the order, food is excellent, now it’s time to split the bill. Who had pizza? Who had a drink ? did the waiter add up everything correctly? These all will be the thoughts going on in your mind.

Being able to perform  will get it sorted in no time and percentage will help to leave a tip for the waiter !!!!  

4. Take the problem and break it:

Before starting with the solution of math problem try this technique,

if you can’t take one sentence at a time then you can break it into little phrases.The more you’ll be able to understand these phrases, the more you’ll be able to understand the whole problem.

Because after that from little pieces, you will be able to figure out what kind of equations are involved.

5. Look for a word clue:

Suppose if you see, the sum of, that means addition, the product of 2 numbers is right away multiplication and difference of means subtraction and so on and so forth.

So word clue is a very important thing to look for when it comes to Math problems so that you know what kind of operations and procedures are involved.

6. Review your notes:

Check everything you have written down to solve the problem. you don’t have to straightaway go to the solution step, before solving just see that have you collected the proper formula or method whichever is required.

7. Use Logical Reasoning:

To solve a problem you need to use logic, every math problem has a logic behind it. Online games, brain teasers,puzzles and online number games help in solving problems too.

For example-  Jasmine, Martina, and trace have their tiara’s and scarfs mixed up.Each girl puts on another girls tiaras and a different girls scarf.Jasmine wears Tracy’s tiara. Whose tiara and scarf does each girl wear?


  • Jasmine wears Tracy’s tiara
  • Each wears another girl tiara
  • Each wears a different girl’s scarf

Make a table and organise the given information through elimination you can reach a conclusion :

     Items    Jasmine     Martina      Tracy
    Tiara    Tracy    Jasmine     Martina
    Scarf    Martina     Tracy     Nicole 

8. Plan to solve the stages:

After you’re done with the identification and understanding the problem next comes planning, plan your stages for solving the problem, never rush to a conclusion directly.

Always try to solve a math problem step by step. Do not try to solve everything at once. This makes your work simple and easy.

9.  Justify the answer:

while justifying the answers child must keep few things in mind : what did you do (be specific) ? why did you do it?

If you try another way will you get the same answer ? Did you answer what the problem is asking ? write the answer in a complete sentence. 


It is a cliched term but it is one that still very true today especially when it comes to math Problems. The more you practice the mathematics the better of you will be.

At the back of every chapter, a lot of textbooks offer chapter-tests, chapter reviews as well as cumulative reviews which allow you to use what you have learned now and combine with what you have learned before to give you a complete understanding of the course.

Math Problem 

Be positive in your ability and believe that you can !!!!